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I have been studying gold for a long time and in my view I believe we are sitting on a great opportunity to make money - a little like a few years ago in the Perth real estate market. I could be wrong but I think this time next year the gold price will be considerably higher. Many reasons including US Dollar , US economics , China's desire for gold - as well as India , generally world political problems and more.

But that aside can we please have some form of discussion on the best leverages. I am sure there are others out there that have opinions from steady growth to 10 baggers.

I am currently considering out of favour stocks such as BDG , and IGR - both have had large drops recently - perhaps more than they deserve. There are also takeover opportunities such as AVO and DOM.

So lets hear others opinion

Lets make some money out of what I consider a golden opportunity that does not come arround too often.

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In reply to: Keith49 on Saturday 11/11/06 12:37pm

I bought into Cougar Metals (CGM) recently. They have the Alta Floresta project in Brazil, where a drilling program was begun earlier this year. The first three targets yielded high grade results. With proceeds from options (Dec 06), they will be able to fund drilling and exploration in the coming year in Brazil, of up to $6m. CGM have also flagged that they plan to divest their WA nickel assets, and the Cue Gold Field asset. In the past year the Company has demonstrated its commitment to a long-term stay in Brazil by setting up local infrastructure, and importng their own two drilling rigs. They have a third rig on hire. The alluvial gold was previously mined by local artisinal miners, and their targets are the veins below these historic workings, as well as new exploration targets identified in their recent radiometric survey. I realise there are issues such as sovereign risk, and environmental issues, but have bought as a "speculative" buy. Some initial assay results are yet to be released. I liked Randal Swick's own jump-out-of-the-skin enthusiasm for the project. Here is a link:




I recall when AVO was 11c in '04 - that was a multi-bagger!


Disclaimer: Mel's stockpick is not intended as a recommendation to anyone, but this post is for research info. only.



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QUOTE (Keith49 @ Saturday 11/11/06 10:37am)

Keith, have you thought about just buying spot gold with a CFD company like CMC? The margin requirement is only 1%, and the contract sizes start from 8,197 (current gold price x10.) That makes your margin requirement $82.00 That's aussie dollars, but you can also trade it in US dollars.


I love the junior speckkies, but there you have to put 100% cash down to trade and are subject to the ups and downs of drilling results.


I like the CFDs because they are a pure gold play. But you have to remember that both the upside and the downside are significantly increased.

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QUOTE (Keith49 @ Saturday 11/11/06 12:37pm)

Agree with your post generally.

But many experts with considerably more knowledge than me have been saying the same thing for ages now, china to diversify, US debt, US dollar etc, and that many factors are pointing towards gold price soaring, yet we are still waiting for it (gold) to take off. They werent wrong, just early, right?? But the question is - how early?


But for now, im looking at uranium and zinc, and have been investing/trading such companies for the last year or so.


Im keeping an eye on gold, but not holding any goldies. But when it runs ill be there. Ill be buying after gold has broken its May highs. If its gonna go to $1000s/oz then im not too fussed with missing the few $100 or so.


In the meantime i cant afford to be sitting in gold stocks that arent moving. Uranium and zinc have been treating me far better.


Good luck; and yeh, when gold runs, i like to hold LHG, it moves best with the gold price, just like how ZFX moves best with the zinc price. Havent followed the stock in a while though so i dont know about the takeover and how this will affect things.


All the best.


Oh yeh - SMO mite be worth a look, i dont know the stock but a mate of mine rates it.

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Hugo Nelson, Coronation Fund Managers


Gold will top $850, says Newmont's Murdy


Gold prices could stay at current levels for an extended period - Hugo Nelson, Coronation


In an interview on Radio 2000 @ 18:55 on 27 November 2006

[miningmx.com] -- GOLD could stay in its current range, relying on its role as a financial instrument rather than fundamental reasons, said Hugo Nelson from Coronation Management.



Gold is hovering around the $640 level, it's highest level in weeks.


"It's very difficult to call but it does depend on its value as a financial asset rather than the supply and demand aspect of it," Nelson said on the Moneyweb Power Hour.


"I wouldn't be surprised to see gold remaining in and about this sort of range for an extended period of time, but it's pretty hard to call," he said.


The latest rally has come largely on the back of currency issues, he said.


"It's largely dollar related. It's related to uncertainty in other financial assets, particularly the dollar because one didn't see this kind of strength last week when the supply and demand numbers for the third quarter were released," he said.


"It's not been driven by supply and demand factors it's been driven and priced on the basis of being a safe haven asset," he said.



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Given that gold has broken through the 800USD mark I thought it worth reviving this topic, especially since it has had about a years hibernation.


What are your small producer/gold spec plays?


Cheers Charles


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No one prepared to start ok I will, http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif


RAU has c500k oz resource hoping to firm up to 750k oz. Hopes to be producing in 18 months. Has an interesting anomaly at Burraga, mineralisation is hydrothermal Cu-Au style. Not sure if RAU fits the tenor of this topic though? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif


Cheers Charles

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In reply to: chiller on Sunday 04/11/07 10:40am

well I'll join in . . .holding some CRE MON AAR PRE & PEN. The first three producing but who knows whether they'll be worth much in the long run http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif

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