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In reply to: King Baz on Saturday 27/10/07 03:04pm

you could be right KB


pairity before year end is more likely. POO will go to us$100, if the Fed keeps printing green back.

for short term like next week, 92c and 95c are the two tough risistance to play with, so i do think turbo's call for next week is good one.



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In reply to: early birds on Saturday 27/10/07 02:20pm

eb, i wouldn't recommend shorting the AUD/USD - all i said was i believe there will be resistance @ 92c I don't see it as a reversal point.


However, I believe MACD shows aud is overbought, so may take a little while before next leg up.

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In reply to: crowman28 on Sunday 28/10/07 08:12pm

thanks Crow, turbo

when i saw the T/O news about JBM, i changed my mind. there will be Au$ 3b exstra pump into our market, there is no way i can aganst it. every big T/O news to our market will pop up Aud. i leart it from from RIN's T/O event. {oversea's buying our company}.

i think that's the reason CAD wee out ferformed aud last month, a lot to do with RIO buy out Alcan. over Cad$40b exstra.


now seems 95 is the last resistance, pairity is more likely before year end.



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USD/CHF might be a good long today at 1.1645, very good overnight interest, plus 25 basis point rate cut fully factored in the market. This may go above 1.1700 easily after the rate decision, if everything goes to plan.


EUR/USD, AUD etc all at dizzy highs, but USD/CHF struggled to push through the lows of 1.1600, so this may turn soon perhaps?

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