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Forex Trading


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Apologies if this topic already exists but I couldnt find one when I did a search.


Does anyone trade FX? If so any recommendation on broker, books, education, websites etc?


I am looking into FX quite seriously, FX seems to work well with pivot points which initially interested me, I have tried a couple of free demo accounts and I really like OANDA's platform, the one feature I really like is when you put a Stop Order and a Profit Order it draws a line on the chart to show you where these points are, quite a neat feature.


Has anybody used them before?

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In reply to: RobAde on Friday 16/06/06 05:41am

I think CMC is a perfect platform for trading Forex, it shows intraday charts, daily, weekly, and monthly charts.


It offers a good spread, only 2 pips for the Euro for instance, and can trade a wide range of cross trades.


The demo is not a good one, you need to sign up an account to really understand how good it is!

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Hi Traders,

I had been day trading for nearly 4 years and after a few too many grey hairs I then took a holiday from the screen and converted to longer term investing because it wasn't as volatile and more liquidit but recently got onto a site that's fantastic. http://www.paconsulting.net.au/index.php?page=forex-trading I've found FOREX fantastic! Very liquid, guaranteed stop loss, helpful trading platform, free daily reports, FREE training and even a currency converter to calculate your profits. LOL Don't worry about FREE training PDF coming soon, just click on one of the pictures and it will take you to it. Check it out if you're fed up having the share price pass thru your stop loss exit price, which I hope you use or your looking to trade something else. You can start trading in minutes with a credit card LOL I know you're gonna luv it!

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In reply to: happy2 on Wednesday 01/11/06 10:16pm

Get paid for your opinion, you bet!
I've been subscribed to another highly advertised online survey company on Australian TV for nearly 2 years and completed the surveys as requested. I checked the other day only to find I earned a grand total of $27. When I contacted their support department to check if this figure was correct they directed me to my account details confirming that is was. What a waste of time! In my opinion most online survey companies always exaggerate earnings but found ExpressPaidSurveys.com the best I have found anywhere. There's a small admin. fee but that's it. Worth considering! learn more

Considering an online Internet Home Based Business?


nto sure what this has to do with FOREX but it is on the phantom's referral site



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In reply to: happy2 on Wednesday 01/11/06 09:16pm

Sorry Folks,

I'm not very computer saavy, yes I am p####d off with the claims of $$ by ecash, what a waste of time. Anyway, the FOREX stuff posted earlier WAS relevant. I feel if you have traded shares for a few years and survived and understand correct Money Risk Management principles it is well worth checking out. I now prefer it because I do not have to worry about my stop loss not being executed due to volatility. Stop loss is guaranteed! Anyway the link is: http://www.paconsulting.net.au/index.php?page=forex-trading

http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gifForex Trading Platform & Daily Currency OutlookHave a great day, what's left of it!

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Well, I don't trade Forex yet, trade formyself actually, but I am looking forward to getting into the currencies. Met a bloke you gave up working for a spruiker because he was making more money in two hours than what he could working for the share course spruiker. But nothing wrong with Day Trading. Although I am not really a day trader. I am a sometimes night and sometimes day trader. Mostly depends on what other things I am doing.


I have a project coming up, which is a bit of a challenge for me, so I will probably just be looking at the market for a very short time and will most probably become the minute trader. That is minute as in time and minute as in small. But the idea of picking up a nice earner on the FOREX does sound interesting.

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In reply to: happy2 on Wednesday 01/11/06 09:48pm

If you are interested in FX you may want to drop by BabyPips.comwhich I have found to be a good source of info. They cover from basic to more advanced info and whats more it is free http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif

...and no I do not receive any form of gratuity for the referral http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/hypocrite.gif

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