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Easy money boys and girls....


It seems to me it's about time, an interesting play shown to me a while back was the 4 step rule...if you have a 1 year graph like this and 4 fairly outstanding drops you are due for some change in direction.....and IMO it's over sold.


Macd, Stochastic and momentum all look fine for an up trend and it was pumping early to cross the parabolic SAR today, If Monday is good (could depend on the US tonite) then I'll buy more and put a target of $5.00- 5.20 as time to watch closer for either profit taking or accelerated buying.


If all goes well $6.40 will be the next resistance point IMO.......and from there who knows.....they seem to be increasing sales very nicely.


RMD was my play of the day.....bought yesterday morning.


RMD is a quality company with good cash flows and excellent management...it's a shame the USD and added costs have brought it down to level.


It's also an excellent share to trade because of it's low volitility......up substantialy on a bad day.

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I've had this on my watch list for best of a year and never bought in. Goldman Sacs put at 6.41 target on it earlier in the week - and I agree if you get the charting right, there seems to be a no-brainer trading margin in it. Although the trend line had me a bit worried for a bit?


I had it on my buy list this week, pending results, and charts looks do look like a buy.


Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts - I have not held, just watched the play for a while and trying to decide if to kick in this cycle or put the money somewhere else... always a juggle right.. Cheers for the weekend.





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Hi Donna.


looks like today you could pick up a bargain, I did but I am only now 50% into the largest amount I inteded to place in it......perhaps there is a general market correction going on atm, so I'm at my limit for the moment .....if RMD were to break below $4.30 I would be stopped out, and looking for a new low to re-enter.


A break above $4.75 would see me buying another 30%, and then above $5 another 20%.....It's similar to the system Warren Buffet came up with and works great at preventing massive losses....the difference being that his purchases are supposed to be done on a 3:2:1 ratio, I just fiddled with the system a little.


Here's hoping all goes well for us.

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Spicer - YES! I looked this morning and thought to send you a quick well done! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif DL
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QUOTE (donnaleighh @ Tuesday 13/11/07 08:45am)


Ok donnaleighh, now we have to question todays trading...plenty of support but when it hit it's high today I very nearly bailed the lot for a DAY TRADE...ie the high had some pro trading in it....but it stopped......small pro traders (like me)bailed.....now I suspect it'll be the big pro's tomorrow.

Taking profit at the high would have been worth it, I saw it coming, and take the $4.03 re-entry since .035% is my cost of a trade in and out scenario.... would have bought back in but got waylayed by a mate with a few beers so missed it....Whaaaa!


Not!....hehe.....I am hoping tomorrow will yeild a similar rise, but it may take a while to see the money roll in after, so will keep a good eye on it.....anyway todays trading was great, but I hate to see downward skyrockets (like todays candlestick, even if they are in the up side)....dunno how much you know about trading but here's a good site for you anyway..... http://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/rocketscientist.asp .....I Recon you trade: take no offense putting you onto that site....


I followed my rules so far, within reason----there's always the exception though....and am in a very nice profit ATM....10% average profit in 10 days on a CFD trade with a 10% margin is 100% profit. ....the biggest casino in the world!


look for this 4 drop pattern IMO....if it flattens at the bottom it's probably a good one.....tight stops my friend....and DYOR


Burp..... Still having a few coldies.....as we do .....


PS if you want to play a realy wierd one, check SLA with some of your profits....Im banking on it long term....ie totaly retiring.....Pipe dreams but so far so good ,and one announcement by an independant put it as a good speccy buy....Burp!....just have a sqizz and dyor and make up your own mind!


http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif ....DYOR.,.....BALH BLAH....sorry I rant a bit...hehe

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In reply to: Spicer69 on Tuesday 13/11/07 05:33pm

Hi Spicy, RMD not one of my better traders as I seem to go out on stop a bit (BSA not in synch) and had taken it off my list of tradables.


You have called it well http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif The recent action has price action back above previous support around $4.95, be nice to see it hold above this level on a closing basis. A wee bit of consolidation around current levels to soak up some sellers from this previous consolidation zone(blue elliptical zone) and traders taking profits from recent run and it may have a go at the more significant $5.30 level,...perhaps?




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In reply to: Spicer69 on Tuesday 13/11/07 06:33pm

Spicer, cheers, no offense taken (takes a lot to get my back up) and often fine for a rant and rave myself...will continue to keep an eye here but for the present I'm out - too many fingers in other pies - SLA - yeah - haven't taken the leap yet but much lower and I won't be able to help myself... keep me posted when you spot the next RMD trade - its was a gem... Cheers D

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