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DIRECTORS & management are well involved which is a good sign 25% holding but not a lot of institutions yet to come but includes AMP and small hand full of others, feel the company needs more publicity to help it along at the moment its feels more like word of MOUTH.. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif
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In reply to: Ian on Tuesday 04/11/08 02:56pm

Yes, I've got a small interest.


Doesn't seem to do anything wrong but the market just doesn't want to know it!

Being hammered on account of its links to mining - and not alone in that regard - although significant that the company is looking to source 50% of 2009 revenue from non-mining sectors and recent acquisitions make this possible.

Meanwhile, trading on ridiculously low P/E and high yield if 2009 results come out anywhere near management's forecast. A long way to go till then of course but if the SP starts to trend up I'll be looking seriously at buying a few more.





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In reply to: macduffy on Tuesday 04/11/08 04:16pm


Someone has been offloading at 70c for days and that is keeping a lid on the SP. It can't last forever though so my guess is an improvement is not far off.

I don't see a fundamental reason the low SP but whoever is offloading seems to disagree. By the way it is happening I am sure ot is the same seler.



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In reply to: Ian on Wednesday 05/11/08 03:02pm

Probably to be expected if shares were issued as part consideration for recent aquisitions?

Not a great sign but people have their own reasons for selling which don't always equate to the merits of the stock.

Meanwhile, I se no reason to follow their lead!





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