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Very nice performance by Nomad today with a closing price $1.40 vs its issue price of $1.00.


Nomad announced today that it was awarded a substantial contract by Fortescue Metals Group for construction of a 504 person accommodation village with facilities plus an additional installation package of 200 rental accommodation rooms. Contract value around $32.5million starting early November and completion in May 2007.


Also, McGrath Homess (which NOD will acquire on 1 Dec 2006) was awarded a $16.2million contract to supply and deliver 42 permanent housing dwellings in Newman, WA starting in December and expected completion in November 2007.

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In reply to: Smartman_plc on Tuesday 31/10/06 08:45pm

http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif smarty pants ! You seem to invest in a diverse spread of stocks , and you do well i think. I fink you should stag this stock , take profits now . run run run !



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In reply to: blowout preventer on Wednesday 01/11/06 01:07am



The following is an extract out of a summary report on NOD that was sent to me:


Nomad are a strong chance to beat prospectus forecasts and are modelling 12c EPS (proforma) for 2007 versus prospectus (proforma) EPS of 11.6c. Our short term price target is 10x proforma forecast 2007 EPS or $1.20, while based on longer term prospects, we set a 12 month price target of $1.65 (11x 2008 EPS).


I had spoken to my broker asking what he thought about stagging NOD and was advised to HOLD for the longer term. I get the impression that he thinks that the $1.65 twelve month target is somewhat conservative.

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NOD continues to march to new highs.


Recently won yet another contract, this one a biggie, to build a 1500 person accommodation village at Karratha for WPL.


I have been steadily building a position since April, up 30% so far so very sweet, even better with leverage at 50% LVR . Those that got in at the IPO would be very happy.






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I took a small position at $2.64 this morning. Bit nervous about catching a falling knife, but provided there is nothing that we aren't being told, this one looks like it is certainly back in buying range.


P/e of 13 and company statements that they are targeting NPAT growth between 35-45% for the next 2 years.

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In reply to: stockpanther on Tuesday 27/11/07 11:15am



I am glad there is someone else out there who has a interest in this one. I think NOD offers great exposure in terms of benefits that can be derived from the ever expanding resource sector. Surely further contract announcements for their module buildings are only just around the corner. They have also flagged expansion of their queensland operations through a new manufacturing facility which will target to provide an increase their maximine monthly capacity by 60% from their Qld operations.


Also I see that their residential divisions - both Halley Homes & mcgrath homes - have the ability to offer the company exposure to the burgeoning housing shortage crisis around the country.


I think over the next 12months plus this company is well positioned to outperform - especially at current prices.

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