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In reply to: kennedyn on Thursday 28/12/06 01:34pm

You must be feeling a liitle happier today, Kennedyn.


Good build-up of depth. Looks like the game's on again.


As a poster said on another site at the time of EYE'S last announcement:


This is pretty impressive stuff for very early on the EYE's career, if they don't have a pretty impressive resource here I'll be shocked. Looking forward to following these guys in 2007, they're obviously pretty switched on!


The nickel outlook remains bouyant so EYE at 24-25c is too cheap. Still, more for me! I'm accumulating very nicely and so are several other traders here!




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In reply to: kennedyn on Wednesday 03/01/07 07:23pm

Well now, if I might offer some advice...you shouldn't be too 'breathless' over any investment, Kennedyn.


For one thing, you need to give a story time to unfold.


And waivering - not having faith in your original investment decision (supposing it was well-reasoned) - is a great way to lose your shirt.


Also, importantly, you should never be so exposed to any investment such that it makes you sleep uneasily at night! All things being equal, I believe EYE has excellent prospects of moving significantly higher in 2007. But it is a speculative stock, and all the usual caveats apply.




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