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A little Friday humour


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In reply to: AndyS on Tuesday 10/07/07 04:16pm

Yes there was a sports person on TV a few years ago Michael Hunt and one of the interviewers abreviated his name on the show and called him Mike Hunt True Towie

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In reply to: towie on Tuesday 10/07/07 04:33pm

ahh towie


i believe Michael Devere the former Bronco's and NSW winger was a student at St Gregory's in Campbelltown.


a check of the school player roster has no record of a Michael Devere playing for them.....


on the other hand there was a Michael Hunt......

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In reply to: wolverine on Tuesday 10/07/07 08:13pm

i knew a geriatrician called dr death lol! naturally, his patients would wake up from their delirium and freak out looking at the name above their bed, thinking they'd ended up in heaven....

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In reply to: andyw on Tuesday 10/07/07 11:13pm

i used to kick around with a bloke called Tim Freak, he had a sister named Angela. She was a nurse and her name tag was ........... A.Freak

she could get away with it though cause she was an absolute stuner!


cheers PC

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Where I grew up, there was a family across the road from our house with the surname Down


They called the 4 kids


Benjamin - Ben

Patrick - Pat


and Ida


True story

(It was a small town) http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif




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