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Can you believe it?? The markets have all reached critical mass, and bloody CMC is down for an indeterminate period of time http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif


They don't say if it will be hours, days or weeks...but disclosure problems (because solicitors are involved) don't get fixed in any great hurry.


Not happy.

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this is one sad state of affairs.


let me begin............................


i signed up for a one hour CFD introduction today & attended

their office in melbourne at 530 collins st.


It was two weeks ago that i registered online for this event.


During that two week period i had 5 phone calls & 2 sms messages from CMC.

I did not answer any of the 5 calls because i had their phone number

listed in my mobile so i could avoid talking to them.


CMC seem to be getting really desperate to attract new sheep to the slaughter.

The presentation was what i already know , but just wanted to see if they had anything

interesting to say. Which they didn't.


Their was about 15 of us sad sheep in attendance.


question time at the end of the session................


i know nothing about the stockmarket, do you tell us what stocks to buy............


I still dont get this long or short thing................................


They put up a slide comparing cfds to buying stocks in the normal manner.


If i want to buy $10,000 worth of BHP shares thru my broker,

how much do i need to put up??? , the presenter asked the assembled sheep............


Is it $5000...........???? suggested one of the sheep.


i was expecting John Cleese to burst thru the door at any minute,

it would have made an excellent Fawlty Towers sketch.




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Anyone has any issue logging into the new Marketmaker software from CMC??


It took me 3 minutes to load up the user name and password dialog box.


Is this the same for other users?


I notice one of my computers only took a few seconds to log in, so it is weird that most of my other computers took 3 minutes to load up.

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