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In reply to: noob_mc_goob on Tuesday 07/08/07 01:04pm



go to the yahoo.finance site,


then enter PDN.AX

up come the PDN details

you then find on the left hand side:



then technical analysis.

click on technical analysis....you will find all you like to know.........


all the best


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from Aegis


Paladin Resources (PDN) - Further significant uranium intercepts from Bigrlyi Uranium Project (PDN 41.7%)


Energy Metals (EME) has released additional uranium (eU3O8) intersections from its Bigrlyi exploration program (PDN controls 41.7%) via downhole gamma logging (eU3O8). Summary results have now been received for 91 of an approved 262 hole drill program, with uranium mineralisation intersected in 69 of those holes. Importantly, the majority of these holes have been drilled outside the current resource envelope. We believe that EME remains a potential PDN takeover target.

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'Uranium can pip $150/lb'


Jul 09 2007 07:37 PM




Johannesburg - Uranium One (SXR), the Canada-based uranium producer with a primary listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the JSE, on Monday predicted that the uranium spot price could hit US$150 a pound before the end of the year.



Neal Froneman, president and CEO of Uranium One, said the spot price did not represent the price of uranium or the price utilities were willing to pay.



"There is a bit of poker being played between the utilities and

producers," said Froneman, suggesting the development of a standoff price wise.



The spot price for uranium is $134 a pound but "I would suggest that utilities are willing to pay $60 a pound at the moment," he said.



Soaring from $10.90 in June 2003, the monthly spot uranium price has more than trebled from $46 since June last year.



Froneman attributed the recent uranium price recovery to "a nuclear renaissance and constrained supply".



There are 435 reactors in operation across the globe; another 28

reactors are under construction in India, China and Russia; 64 are being planned and 158 reactors have been proposed.



There is, however, a large shortfall in uranium production with the 40 000 tons of uranium produced annually falling short of existing consumption at 65 000 tons.



What is more, the World Nuclear Association expects uranium demand to more than double by 2030 as more countries turn to nuclear fuel for their power requirements.



This could mean that the uranium price could take a breather over the next 18 months or it could continue to ratchet higher, said Froneman.



It is against this worsening supply picture that some analysts have forecast a uranium price of $200 a pound in two years, even reaching as high as $255 a pound within that time.



"We believe the long-term price will be substantially higher," said Froneman. "That is why we are in no rush to sell our uranium," he added. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif




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QUOTE (Park-Hall @ Tuesday 07/08/07 09:12pm)

Reading some of the market yarns, nowadays commonly retailed as uranium truths, reveals much about the confusion of the function of the spot price and the reality of uranium market needs. Indeed, on this one the lack of fundamental knowledge is breathtaking.


The spot price lives in a world of its own, and has little to do with real prices, save for the gap, and this gap is a signal, nothing more.


As for the markets concern over a recent retracement of a few per-cent, it should be remembered spot uranium has risen from $7 in 2000 to near its present price, and has done so without a single correction until the pause we see now. A breather, nothing more.


It is obvious that few here saw an investment when PDN was sub $1, so why would it be evident now. Yet not much has changed, in truth the investment criteria is even better. So yes, a $150 spot price is quite feasible.


Mind you - there's still a few laggards about that see oil returning to $25, so why not uranium. It too might sink. That's the thought anyway.

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QUOTE (BSA @ Monday 09/07/07 04:02pm)

I have ignored the two drop in early March and taken $8.50 as the double top lows, so it gives around the mentioned $6.50 as a potential target. If one was to use the March lows as the reference point then a much lower of target of $4.50 ish, but I am not in that camp. I should add, chart patterns are not written in stone.


Ok so I've changed camps and now used the March lows, so looking for around the $4.50 level($4.30 is suggested projected target) There is good support(old resistance) around $5-$5.30 so may bounce from here?


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