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PRE is a small cap <A$8 with lots of new gold exploration prospects with drilling this quarter.


new management & cashed up.


pole position for new Cooper Basin oil permit.


6% of PNG gas field (Pandora)


possible recoveries of monies from a failed tech interest from 2000 era. (already written off in the accounts)


tax losses.


Best wishes


Larne http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif

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PRE looking good on the chart & is holding yesterdays gains so I'm in at 2.5c & hoping for a gradual rise up over the next few days rather than a day trading frenzy? From watching this lately I think it's purposely been kept under the radar by some bigger players setting themselves up rather than just traders trying to create some temporary interest. It may have some good news coming up which has somehow leaked out but I could be incorrect & of course... time will tell........at least PRE shouldn't be asking for money as they have cash.


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Whoops - typical - chart looked good but soon as I buy it they issue the announcement of 30M shares to be issued today from the prior cash raising at 1.3c.....know they have the cash now but hoping they all hang on to their shares too....there was still consistent buying at .1.8 - 2.1c as if there is something really good coming up.? Decisions...decisions...
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