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Silver approaching USD$18 again.

$25.58 in AUD terms.

Will it now pass the most recent high of $28.75 ,

Prior to this the last time it was around 29 was back in 2016 and prior to that 2014.

Then you have to back to the 2011 period when it hit $44.

The absolute highest was $59 back in those heady days of 1980 when the Bunker Hunt brothers tried to corner the market..



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Silver down to 14.6

This is despite the US mint running out of physical silver to print silver dollars. (see lack of coins )

The general public is rushing to by the physical at the same time the commercials are using paper derivatives to smash its price.

The gold /silver ratio well above 100 now after spending 10 years hovering between 60 and 80.

Not that there is an intrinsic "correct" value to the ratio, its just an artificial construct that shows what historically happens.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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