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In reply to: rickhb on Thursday 08/11/07 03:26pm

I've got gold warrants from the Perth Mint that are tradeable on-line. Code is ZAUBWA. Gains have been quite good over the last month.


Wonder if there is a warrant for silver?


Yes, the $A strength takes the gloss of $USD denominated gains. It's going to be very interesting seeing where this whole credit mess ends up.

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Silver starting to show relative strength to Gold as expected. Silver outperforms Au in second half of a major move.


Au outperforms from August to November whilst Ag outperforms from late December thru to April.


Expecting a double over the next 4months or so.

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In reply to: denpal on Saturday 22/12/07 04:27pm

CXC (Coeur D'Alene) is now trading on the ASX and is almost a pure silver play with a bit of gold thrown in. It took over BSG and has a couple of other silver mines coming on line which should soon make it the one of the worlds largest silver producers at low cost. Has a bit of sovereign risk in bolivia and some enviromental risk in alaska but seems to be overcoming these problems and has been in an uptrend for the last 3 mths (thats CDE the parent company).

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CXC looks to me to be the best silver play in Australia. Of course, that's just IMHO, but BSG was a good play - and is now part of CXC.


MMN may have some silver, but the management are a bunch of fools who prefer to mine shareholders' pockets rather than the good earth!


MAR isn't bad, but have contracted out some of their stuff to MMN (see above) and are too early in their exploration/production cycle to benefit from the rising Ag price.


Nope - CXC is in Dines list of holdings (I'm a Dines Letter subscriber), and this is the first opportunity we've had to buy it through the ASX rather than the hassles of buying on international markets through a SMSF.


I bought into CXC on Friday and view it as a longer term hold rather than a trading stock. I've been gradually shifting my portfolio into longer term stuff over the last few weeks, away from the speccies, until I see how the land lies in 2008.



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QUOTE (woteva @ Thursday 03/01/08 01:44pm)

As my previous post implies, I like Silver...well Richard now likes Silver as well.


I expect a double over the next few months....it is likely to be THE best performing commodity over the next 2 years BAR NONE!...then everybody will be climbing aboard the next big thing......... however ask people/investors about Silver right now........I would doubt that even 1/100 are aware that Silver has broken out.



For sure CXC is a great play and I was buying US listed CDE back in early 2003 when it was 1.10.....however for risk reward you can't beat MMN at present.



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In reply to: woteva on Monday 14/01/08 11:52am



There is a drivel saying that goes "people are a business's most important resource" and as NightStalker referred to, it seems that the good folk at MMN have a habit of mining their most important resource rather than their silver (after all I suppose they only have so much silver in the ground where as there are new investors born every day).


As it happens I have in my hands the paperwork for a MMN rights issue priced at $0.20 per share (plus half an option per share) and I am looking at the ASX screen saying that I can buy a MMN share on the market at $0.21 per share.


On the other hand I spent some time on the weekend looking at Coeur d'Alene's website (and learning how to spell their name). Very impressive portfolio of producing projects and the prospects under development are even better.


A bit of a quandary for me given that any rising silver market will surely lift both boats. Given MMN is clearly much riskier I guess MMN should offer the greater return as long as the managers hold it together (and in fairness they are the only management that has delivered a primary silver mine in Australia so you would probably back them over others that are trying to get to the same place). But CXC shows so much blue sky...

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Regarding MMN's announcement today, not particularly impressed.


Since first silver production, announced on 2 Apr 07, they have produced only 62,000 oz (@ US$14 / oz(?)). Now they are going to produce bullion rather than dust (or is that bull dust).


CXC is ramping its production from 10m oz this year to 30 m oz by 2009. I am not sure how much MMN can scale up in the next couple of years and in today's announcement they say they "look forward to boosting its silver sales as 2008 progresses".



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