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IN REPLY TO A POST BY andy20020, Sat 31/01/04 06:54pm   [READ POST]

n-girl - there is an old TA adage "price follows volume" take a look at a 2 year chart with volume on it ... holding - Regards

morning all.would appreciate any comments on announcement today,tia,v. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/hypocrite.gif

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any sugguesion on what this stock is going?


my opinon for this stock unfortunately is quite grime.


they have 460M shares currently at $0.015 and they will be issuing another about 300M shares soon. yet their tenaments are nowhere good enough to take them through the roof.


with more shares being issued i can only see the price slide even further with out any good results.




holding more than i should...but it could literally strike gold and make me a very rich man!!!!



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Jervois mining ltd ( jrv )

Hi Moteqi , and followers.


19.1.04. A volume of 228.800.896 shares were bought for approx .022 .


21.1.04. Another volume of 53.703.000 were bought for approx .018.


13.5.04 These shares have dropped to a years low of .oo6?


The shares bought on 19.1.04 is nearly one third of the company's total

issue of 700.000.000 shares.

Do we see a consolidation of shares comming, reason being 700 million

shares on issue is a lot for a company which has not too much to show.


Please submit your thoughts ( clean & honest ), I am a share holder in this company.

Cheers to all Lyma.



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hi lyma,


unfortunately i have a different view to yours...

the volujme that you have quited is simply the amount of shares that changed hands, there is nothing to sugguest any one person is hold these volume...


this is the result of the +T3 people trading on good news...i think the l;ast time i had a good look at their tenaments...most of them are very small...not very profitable...

they are just existing at the moment...i sold out a while ago...thank GOD!!!

but i honestly can't see it getting back up to 2.2c

sad...but true.


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JRV is up 20% at the moment on $4,380 worth of volume. That hardly signifies something is up



BIX is up 11% on $2,600 worth of volume. Hardly something to get excited about.



TGD is up 28% on $11,416 worth of volume. A well received announcement?



If you were merely jesting with your opinions & post's fair enough, I'm sorry I didn't catch on.


If you were not jesting, I would suggest you research your share analysis techniques a bit more.



Cheers. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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ive had this on my watch list for some time now , volume traded is still very weak but looks like it has finished its downward trend and now is going sideways would have to be something large in the pipe line to change its course to an upward swing i think, still i have had it on my list for a while, noted there is more buyers come into the $0.005 support i will still watch with interest cheers.
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