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Hi SB. I value your commentary and information on this board. I bought in this week.


I am not too sure that I agree with you that CBH is " high risk speculative".


Endeavour mine is now in production and acording to the Company is "cash positive".


Did FP say that?


Nifty http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif





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hi nifty..


pitty about copyright laws..lol


otherwise i would have posted the report..


they mention about the current quarter being profitable, but also add production cost may be up due to dual haulage systems..


i was on (cbh) last year bought in at the high 6's when f/t first mentioned them as a buy..


i suppose you could give the report a 9 out of 10, thats pretty good.


imo investors are pretty lucky in the recent price fall, gives them a chance in buying at a reasonable price..




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Aandybeaches HELLO.

Quite High Market Capitalisation even at 18 cents, unless it has a much higher value . What is your view of the value of this company Please

Are you able to mention any small capitalisation companies which are substantially undervalued please?


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Add to this Sandy is the April edition of Gold & Minerals Gazette. Very good article about CBH which mentioned similiar things to what was in the two addresses you posted. This one IMO looks set to travel substantially north over the next year, taking advantage of current resource prices in particular zinc. Certain operational advancements will assist in increasing outputs namely the new haulage system, and surface crusher. The increase in Endeavour's life from 3.5 to 9 years due to the introduction of a paste fill system which enables CBH to exploit 100% of the ore body will be also a bonus.

Interesting also that a deficit of around 250,000-300,000t of zinc is predicted for 2004!!!! If that's the case, augurs well for companies producing such as CBH. PDYOR before buying. I own shares.

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Hi Sandy B,


It might pay to review how you are setting up your point and figure parameters, as the defaults with many charting packages are not what is used by P&Fers.


The chart posted is,...


Box Size-1 (I assume .001)

Reversal amount-3

Prce Field- High Low


This is not what is used by P&F advocates, see,....... http://www.sharescene.com/index.php?act=ST...st=0#entry35442


For CBH what would be used is


Box Size- .005

Reversal Amount - 3

Price Field- Close.


As you can see from chart below the parameters make a big differnece to the charts appearance and break out points.




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I'm not a chartist so could you explain that in plain english terms, that is, what is your breakout point.


From my point of view I've noticed that the sell side has finally started to dry up and at the moment is relatively balanced. All it needs now is a nudge from a nice report and up she goes since resistance seems to have diminished.


Though even when the sell side increased the buy side stepped in at 16.5 cents. This may be due to fat prophets report telling people to buy up to 16.5 cents (report available on consbh web site).


I happen to like this company from a fundamental point of view and have therefore made it a large part of my small caps exposure.


happy hunting.

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