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hi all...


its friday night market has closed friends are at the pub..


what am i doing..???


checking a few winners this week..lol


as per my previous post (cbh) still remains a strong buy...


last price .24 cents...


picked up in volume in the later past of the week..


punters are still keen, thus we should see it heading north again



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hi astoria,


CBH is one of my picks for 2004 though i was pretty much out of it last year ...it rose from 14 to 28...but has slammed back down during the resources correction.


I have recetnly bought back at these CHEAP prices but only for quick trades.


Pattersons in their recent resources review (released last week) had it in their top 5 miners.


Has plenty of potential with a long life mine.


YES IT IS A BARGAIN buyt until sentiment turns around dont see it going anywhere fast...still remains one of my picks for 04 and long term as well.



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You're spot on there....the mining & associated assets are worth over $300m and the company is capped at $70m.


Spoke with company chairman Jim Wall recently - a very measured & respected identity in the mining industry - he remains very confident of the potential for this stock.


Has been oversold and probably should be closer to 20c IMO



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astoria, I must admit I was one of the buyers today, having looked at this one on the weekend. The only other stock that I've picked up recently was EPE. Wished I hadn't set eyes on DYL after yesterday's announcement!!!
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hi guys..


has come up on the old radar again as a good buying opportunity


(cbh) does look a tad oversold, is down about 40% from recent high.


noticed on a weekly chart RSI that it might be in an uptrend, worth keeping an eye on it..


at it's current price looks like a bargain.


note it does have some support from fatprophets saying buy up too 16.5cents..


as usual take care..




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