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Todays AFR:

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) is in good hands, asserts Robert Millner. Millner, the chair of API's 21% stakeholder Washington H Soul Pattinson and an API director, has faith in API's management. On 5 April 2006 Millner criticised API's rivals for focusing on revenue rather than profit, and stated that API's management was skilled in running a business on low margins. API recently explained the 25% fall in its share price over February and March by citing generally slack conditions in the pharmaceutical wholesale sector. However competitors Sigma Pharmaceuticals and Symbion Health seem to be doing much better than API


Go API go!!!!



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Over 5m shares traded already today, with someone(s) buying up big in two orders. Both at $2.48, one for almost $10m worth and another for almost $4m worth. I'd imagine it would be providing very good support now at this level, very happy with my entry yesterday. Everyone else still holding?
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In reply to: intrinsix on Sunday 06/08/06 10:48pm

Hi intrinsix:

please accept this as constructive criticism !!

As demonstrated by "nettles" reply, all this type of information is available on the ASX announcements and a company's web page.

If you are not following companies in your portfolio this closely, you should be wary of investing.

Join an "Investment Club" and learn how to examine fundamentals.

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In reply to: intrinsix on Monday 07/08/06 06:10pm

I wouldn't worry too much. The company is still making money. However, there is a case that the cost of IT may drive up their expenses. This will probably average out over time.

Howver, as the stock was not rising in anticipation of the results, it could very well be that somepersons (in the know) were slowly getting rid of their holdings. On the other hand there are some big shareholders in this company, not the least Soul Patterson.

I sold out long ago during the dive. But still like this company.



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