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In reply to: wolverine on Monday 29/11/04 02:21pm

Can't see any point in that for WOW and CML. Buying API doesn't give them control of any pharmacies, rather control of pharmacy suppliers. I would suggest that most pharmacists would change to SIG or MAY rather than deal with WOW or CML.



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Anybody know why API is in constant turnover today.

Aside from placed trade of 12 million shares the stock has been trading crazy today. Not like API

Now I know there was some analyst report from Shaw Stockbroking but, as I am not a member , I don't know what they said. That said , I also realize that the stock has had a reduction in weight by investors Mutual, which is a rather conservative Fund.

Still, any information would be good.



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Well it has been a long time since anybody posted on API.

Yes the stock hasn't done much the past year.

sideways motion.

I only wish I could have been playing the little channel. It would have been a nice little earner. But I am not that smart.

Still, I got lucky the other day.

bought a few shares when they were at $3.05 and started to go lower. Then I was kicking myself for not waiting while I watched it go lower. Then i was worried there was something in the wind and there was a reason the stock was going below the channel. It did, but only a few cents. I decided I was looking for it to break lower and buy some more. But it didn't, and next thing I know was the article in the paper that sent the stock soaring a day or two later. Made a good dollar on my small purchase on that. Sold the moment I saw the retraction announcement.


But that is not the reason for this post. I would like to remind people that API will be announcing their dividend this wee or around Monday next. Last year was the 10th of Dec.

I like API and their 100% franking.

Watch for a good price??????? to buy in?????????

Just my thoughts.


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