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Although I no longer hold, I'm watching the current preceedings with interest.


The Company is also in the process of re-negotiating the terms of its existing Convertible Note facility.


hmmm....... that could lead to a number of outcomes. They are obviously lacking funds atm to pay out the CN holders, so does this mean "we'll pay you after we flog our drilling equipment" ? ............ I would guess not and can only speculate what this is leading to.

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Hey Duster,


Have heard there is a bit of a fire sale going on atm, so wouldn`t touch this dog with a 100 foot pole lol....


Cheers Radd

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Hi Radd,


No intention of going back in on this one, just watching the outcome. IMO there's no way either of the warring parties will do a deal, so to me, it looks like an expensive fight 'till the death. Many rumours doing the rounds but I won't fuel the fire - pardon the pun.


Are you still holding any WHE ? Possibly a turnaround coming ??? and I'm loaded up. Got to recoup > $100k I lost on this dog.


Lucky I didn't average down, it could have been a lot worse ......... lol




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Hi Duster, potentially this could have been a barn stormer but how quickly things can turn....sorry you were burnt on this one and hope you can make a ten bagger somewhere else


Hang in there....





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Hey Duster what a disaster CKK turned out to be . Lost just under 50K and it looks as if I would have lost a lot more had I held on.


Anyway back to the future and trying to find the next 10 bagger, that would be nice. Just stumbled across CXO, has all the potential of


being just that. Worth a look at these prices. Cheers rozz.

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