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Hartleys backed IPO...


Could provide some eye candy in terms of fun and games. Took a small interest hoping they will run it.


As for the 'resource'...700G oz. BUT fairly low grade at 1.8g/t and spready over large area is nothing to get too excited about. Good for 30c with hartleys running it imo.



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In reply to: Zaitech on Monday 17/07/06 03:28pm

fun and games yesterday at the close with a 300G sell and 300G buy order just after 4pm close...then the bid was pulled back to 22.5 just on the snap after i tested them with a 75G sell. During the day sell orders were pulled after corssings used to create 'volume'.


Dodgy brothers...the 75G got taken today straight up. Thanks


What are you playing at HP? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif



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In reply to: cdchi1 on Tuesday 18/07/06 03:37pm

Well I am happy to see the rel vol increase and do not mind a bit of "fun and games' " as sometimes things happen...


She has had a crack at that resistance @ 0.23 again today before closing @ 0.225..will she have another assault on 0.23..well time and price will tell


I am riding..


Happy Trading


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Hi folks,


Let's set sail in the recently-launched EKM, for this week.


EKM has a current drilling programme and with some

positive time cycles this week, it would not be surprising

to see a breakout in the price ..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


No EKM chart, as there's only limited data, as yet.


have a great weekend





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In reply to: Zaitech on Wednesday 15/11/06 09:04am

Well hit a new ATH/blue sky @ 0.255 last week and dipped on Friday to 0.225 before quickly bouncing back to 0.245...no trades so far today ...this is one I am happy to hold...not many sellers showing their hand...close to blue sky


Happy Trading


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