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Hi Jam,

i think your evaluation of 3c might be a bit conservative if indeed they have 5 mill in the bank by then...I would be anticipating something a bit higher, but thats just my opinion, as i'd havent done the number crunching yet in order to get a better evaluation. I think if the Q4 report is positive, I'm confident we'll be on our way to 2c soon...will wait and see.


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I have been advised from the Corporate Relations Manager at ETC that if anyone is interested in receiving up to date news and information as they come to hand regarding ETC you can simply do so by sending Sam an email at samantha.marks@emtcorp.com.au and in the Subject section put "Opt In" and you will be automatically added to her contact list to receive all the latest news and info on ETC.

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In reply to: normc on Tuesday 25/01/05 10:41am

Norm. I am with you , not my first 1 mill but my first 1.2 mill, If this continues to strengthen I may find some more losses to sell and buy more...

Bull, I listed my 2 emails with Sam the babe, sound nice on the email

Hope she is not leading us up the garden path.


Thank you for taking the time to respond, and your details have been updated on our database.


We certainly share the same desire to see the share price return to strength.


Warm regards,



Samantha Marks


Corporate Relations


Yes at least she looked the goods today ETC this week DFT next and then MUL,,, Santa Claus & Elvis are alive and well.

Are some of these estimates real

What effect will the takeover of the other company have $80000/ month Thats 960000 on its own, The forward estimate should be good.


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G'day Brad,


Well let's hope we all get rewarded.........2nd quarterly out either Thu or Fri! This will tell us if we have been led up the garden path as you stated or if infact ETC are genuine and all the hard work and research by myself and others has led to the right decision to invest in this beauty.


IF the 2nd quarterly is another ripper, SURELY then the shareprice will be re-rated......it would be DAMN cheap if it didn't and I'd suspect ETC would even come underneath some takeover eyes IF they continue to perform very well and maintain a market cap of around the current $10mil.


Put it this way, I HONESTLY believe that if ETC can deliver the same results as the 1st quarterly for the whole financial year, I'd say ETC is worth 5c EASY........based on a profit of $4mil! With a shareprice of 5c this would give ETC a market cap of $35mil and a P/E of 9 which is still damn low for a company in this sector (I think the average is 15-18). That's just some rough figures on MAYBE'S.......All will be revealed by the end of the week!


2 Things.........Either ETC makes us a sh*tload of $$$ and it will go down in history as one of our best trades cause we backed it bigtime OR we'll get duped LOL. I'm HOPING and GUESSING the former as I have $35k invested in this pup and it's time to SHOW ME THE MONEY $$$$$.


LOL http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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