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IN REPLY TO A POST BY DRUGGIST, Thu 22/01/04 10:02pm   [READ POST]

I am pleased to see some movement finally in what has been a cracker of a stock for quite a while

I just want you to know that you are not alone Druggy. This one seems to have escaped almost everyone's notice, including all journos and analysts.



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Are you sitting up and taking notice Druggy?


Just have a look at the chart.


Off the top of my head I'd hazard a guess that Sigma are about to make a lunge.


Stocks don't move like this except on inside info.


If any predators are listening, I want $12.50 for my shares thanks.


PeterH http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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In reply to: DRUGGIST on Tuesday 27/07/04 10:35pm

Zoloft & Zocor generics were good news, no brand price premium to start is appalling news, Mobic generic will only help matters. I wonder whether Arrow has been shafted by Big Pharma not being able to market their new generics by name to Pharmacists.

The above, spoken about at Trade night to pharmacists in Sydney last night.

I only hear disturbing reports after last night.

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In reply to: DRUGGIST on Wednesday 29/09/04 07:05pm

Arrow rep now suggesting that Zoloft, Zocor, Pravachol & Tramal have almost same market $ as all other generics. Arrow is first to market with generic of all four and it is made by original company, which is certainly easier to switch too at pharmacy level.


Rep is also saying that employees cautioned not to buy more shares at the moment lest it be seen as insider trading.


Continuing buy in my opinion.

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In reply to: PeterH on Monday 25/07/05 03:57pm



I guess my main point is that I can buy 4 products from Arrow for same profit as 150 from Alphapharm who is main opposition. I know how I'd prefer to fill my shelves.


The hardest thing is just ignoring the flat periods between big jumps in AWP price.


Probably a good one for the super fund.

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