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A bit surprised this news did not make a bigger splash in MSM.

'FromYAhoo and Bloombergs


The federal government has canned a deal to buy tens of millions of doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine being developed in Australia.


The decision was made after the University of Queensland and biotechnology company CSL abandoned trials of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate.


CSL said in a statement that while phase 1 trials of the vaccine v451 amongst 216 participants showed it was safe, it had "following agreement with the Australian government" decided not to progress the trials.


The trials were abandoned after some participants returned false positive results for another illness - HIV.


"The phase 1 data showed the generation of antibodies directed towards the 'molecular clamp' component of the vaccine," CSL said on Friday.


"These antibodies interfere with certain HIV diagnostic assays.


CSL said blood samples from study participants were tested after vaccination and it was found that these molecular clamp antibodies did cause a false positive.


"Follow up tests confirmed that there was no HIV virus present, just a false positive on certain HIV tests," CSL said.


"There is no possibility the vaccine causes infection."

Won't help OZ or CSL's share price.


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CSL Limited (ASX:CSL)

Nominated by Gemma Dale, nabtrade

Despite being Australia’s largest company and having delivered exceptional outperformance relative to the ASX200 over the last two decades, CSL is not very widely held among retail investors on nabtrade. Just 5.5% of investors hold the stock directly. Those who do hold CSL, however, own over $100,000 on average, over 4x the average stock holding, so it is a very high conviction investment.


The lack of allocation to CSL is usually a result of concerns about its relatively small dividend yield (1%), or valuation (CSL is currently trading on a forward PE of about 42x). The attraction for those who hold it is the extraordinary growth of earnings relative to other large companies.


For those who have ever considered buying CSL, now doesn’t appear to be a bad time. Having taken a hit on the back of the cessation of its UQ-led Covid19 vaccination trial, at $290 at the time of writing, CSL is up just 18% from its lows in March. This is well below the market’s return of nearly 50% from its lows. CSL remains well off its highs of $342 and management maintains that Covid trial was not material to its current valuation, meaning the recent pull back could be a happy buying opportunity.


Nabtrade investors seem to think so. ... it has topped the trading with a 90% buy over three days since the trial was cancelled.

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Inside CSL, where Australia's Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines are being made





It is an interesting read.... & I have always had the view that CSL was not going to gain much from making the vaccine, apart from being a good .corporate citizen. (oh, and being in the prime position for future work)

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