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An update on our CSL trade.(I realise this isn't a 'forum type stock' as it won't quadruple tomorrow.Still, 10% in a month is possible and that wouldn't be all bad).

Today vol.is up and has been the missing part to this technical trade setup.Price is currently up 1.8% (but the day is young!)

On the chart the lower panel shows that CSL has begun to outperform XJO: a good sign.


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Hi Wren,


Have been following this one, even traded the last 4x ATR move. My question is related to time of year rather than tech. I've noticed some history of consolidations over the lower volume Christmas period, followed by price and volume advance in Jan.

I exited last week thinking there would be a rate of change decline and test of support over the next few weeks, however todays break higher has caught me out.


Do you think this breakout will stick prior to the (expected) volume slowdown ?


Cheers, M

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Hi mista,

Interesting observation of the seasonal change in CSL.I had not noticed that.Actually I'm not much of a cycle follower (not saying there's nothing to it!) but recently while in London read a new volume on the subject as light reading--what a victim.Can't put my hand on it right now but was more 'mathmatical' than seasonal: rather like John Ehler's stuff years ago. (that spelling doesn't look correct).

Back to CSL.The volume still isn't what I would like to see so from a Tech.perspective,so a fallback hasn't been totally ruled out imo.That's why-as you know- we have defined exit conditions to follow if it turns to custard--as the Kiwis say.

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Hi dee,

Could be a factor-it would have to some impact.Of course CSL has a monster buyback in progress which also helps.

I'm not a Fundamentalist however CSL should tick most fundy boxes I would think. Minimal or no debt,serious cash flow and a consistently high return on equity.With a stock like that who needs dividends?

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