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In reply to: Gadget on Thursday 09/06/05 12:35am

2 words gadge- d'oh and kaboom!!




CSL In Box Seat On Prices - Smith Barney


Thursday, June 09, 2005 8:04:33 PM ET

Dow Jones Newswires


0951 [Dow Jones] STOCK CALL: Smith Barney stays bullish on near-term pricing outlook for CSL (CSL.AU) after meets with manufacturers, distributors. Notes key IVIG product supply in US is running "tight as a drum", prices moving up. "It is clear that CSL is in the drivers seat. CSL's FY06 budget may not be done yet - but CSL can set budget knowing it will sell all volume released to market and prices risk being better than targets." Keeps Buy rating, targets A$41.64 vs latest A$31.20. (RJN)





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joyful - if you've been following up on my posts

you'll come to realise that i've come to realise

that csl has broken its downtrend resistence. meaning its going up.


but here's the catch, testing the 200 day sma isn't good for any company and by looking at CSL past, it didn't do too well in 2002 when it tested the 200day sma,


it went up, up, then crashed.


i've also said, the sad fact is.. its NOT 2002 anymore, the fact is its 2005 and this is what it is today. GOING UP!


ITS BROKEN THE 200DAY SMA = good news


what im saying is maybe i can get my hands on some calls (admitting that i stuffed up)


but yes, if this doesn't hold properly like it didn't during 2002, expect CSL to fall futther then $24


and yes you are right, i WAS negative last week.. WHY? because CSL did not break through its downtrend resistence, now that it has i can only hope that it doesn't hold otherwise im gonna have to start CALLING.


my theory.. don't fight the market, flow with it. csl = bullish


and everyone knows that if it didn't break through its downtrend last week.. since it started trading below its 200day sma,, it would be dead within a few months.


but i guess the FA's are there, that's whats keeping it going.


BUT JUST FOR YOU, IM STILL CALLING IT DOWN TO $24,,, why? cause i bought the bloody cslfu's haha.


what are you thinking when i say

" haha man you're ruining it for me... hehe well i hope csl performs the way it did in 2002"


obviously it means my chances are slim since it has "NOW" broken its downtrend???


i was joking errr *shrugs*



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hey doc =(


Macquarie Keeps Outperform On CSL


Tuesday, June 07, 2005 7:49:34 PM ET

Dow Jones Newswires




0939 [Dow Jones] STOCK CALL: Macquarie keeps Outperform rating on CSL (CSL.AU) after takes detailed look at profit outlook as integration of Aventis Behring business continues; says timing of inventory profits is creating level of uncertainty, but notes industry feedback points to ongoing improvements in plasma products market. Has A$36.80 price target vs latest A$29.50.


wait for it..

here's the web addy


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In reply to: Gadget on Tuesday 14/06/05 12:53am

Gadget, the reason I picked you up on it, is that i bought CSL on the recent slide at $28, and your calling $24 made me pretty nervous at the time.

I was prepared to see if you were right and perhaps average down at $24, or I would have waited for $25 i guess, but i feel im fine now.

Funny how all the broking houses have come out with a buy once it went over $30, where were they under $30? Probably their insto depts buying

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Gates backs cervical cancer vaccines for poor


14 Jun 2005 09:09:19 GMT

Source: Reuters

LONDON, June 14 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp <MSFT.O> founder Bill Gates is putting his financial muscle behind a campaign to get life-saving cervical cancer vaccines to women in poor countries.


Two rival vaccines targeting the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes the disease, are expected to be launched in the next year or two by Merck & Co Inc <MRK.N> and GlaxoSmithKline Plc <GSK.L>.


But it is unclear how the novel shots will be funded in the developing world, where most deaths from cervical cancer occur.


In a bid to speed their development and introduction, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said it had been granted $7 million by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


The Gates charity has donated a further $5.9 million to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Harvard University and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health.


The money will be used to support various preparatory projects, rather than full-scale vaccination programmes.


In case of the WHO, the cash will be used to develop standards and guidelines for future vaccine schemes. The other groups will work on developing private sector partnerships and studying the epidemiology of HPV and cervical cancer.


Merck's product Gardasil is expected to be first to market but GSK's Cervarix is not far behind, and industry analysts expect both vaccines to become multi billion-dollar sellers.


Both target HPV, a sexually transmitted infection, but they vary in the number of strains they attack and the way the vaccine is manufactured.


Cervical cancer kills a quarter of a million women each year, most of them in the developing world.


Jean Stephenne, president of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, the vaccines unit of GSK, said on Tuesday he applauded the Gates Foundation's involvement.


"The work which will be done by the WHO and other recipients of these grants will help in overcoming some of these challenges and accomplishing the goal of getting this vaccine to all women no matter where they live," he said.


Developing countries are a potentially important market for vaccine manufacturers, which are expected to offer preferential prices for the poor if they can secure large orders and financial backing from governments or charities.


GSK is working with MedImmune <MEDI.O> on its vaccine while Merck is partnering Gardasil in Europe with Sanofi-Aventis <SASY.PA>.






ps. this is gonna be huge! go csl!!!

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