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I am new to TA, this CSL chart for today looks like a buy signal is appeared , decision is based on the today's long white candle (that beats the previous white candle) and it is going to make a break out to the 11 day moving average


Please let me know your thought


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Hi Batikit,


while no TA guru, there are some other indicators I look at as well. If you have the available software, check out it's MACD. The rate of change in terms of its downward movement has now declined and is threatening to turn positive - this is good. I also have a look at the some Stochiastic indicators, they turned positive yesterday as well, as well as some Oscillators eg Williams%R. It turned positive as well. There is the round number resistance level of $30 which it approached and appeared to bounce off as well. I bought CSL two days ago with the intention of stopping myself out if it closed below $30. Was probably a bit naughty as I pre-empted a couple of my indicators.



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I waited for the breakout, then bid just below the March FTFF.

Got filled this morning @ 89.


1st target $35; 2nd target $38. Preliminary stop at Monday's Low


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"a hedge", hungry?

I'd guess, if the swine recover quickly, people will also start flying again to Mexico and other places.

So, a Short of QAN would seem to speculate along the same lines as those porkers creating a demand for medicine. :unsure:

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