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In reply to: favour on Thursday 14/06/07 06:29pm

Secondly end of financial year selling for those who want to realise gains for tax purposes.


WHo does this?


I thought you usually sell your dogs so you can offset winners.


But true winners -- like MPO, you should try to ride it as long as possible, to delay paying tax, and to make the most $$$$ as you can.


But i guess some people do have price targets as their exits eg. 100% and maybe its these punters who are selling.

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In reply to: laura on Friday 15/06/07 09:36am

Laura its hard to say.


In pure theory the sp of the heads should drop a little.


For example on yesterdays closing price of oppies (16) and heads (28) the new head price would be 26c.


With world markets taking swings in both directions the actual effect on the day will probably have more to do with general market sentiment.

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