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In reply to: Dan1 on Tuesday 29/05/07 07:36pm

Dan, its all about the implication of words in regard hydrocarbon probability.


Molopo used the term 'most likely reource'. This implies the 150bcf is 1P or 85%-90%confidence the recoverable reserve is this size


2P and 3P by reserve theory will be much larger.


For the valuations I have done I have assumed the 150bcf to be 2P, but Molopo's choice of words suggests otherwise.

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In reply to: auroraoz on Monday 28/05/07 06:54pm

I saw this post last week and thought to myself "no chance" but I went to the infochoice website http://www.infochoice.com.au/investment/ma...e/lvrlookup.asp

and looked it up and it would seem that ANZ may be prepared to loan up to 30%.


Needles to say, I will be checking that out further tomorrow.

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In reply to: nizar on Wednesday 30/05/07 12:34am

Yes the discount is persistent. Theres both a trading and an investment advantage in the oppies. You would think the oppies would come in line soon.


Enjoy the day everyone. I'm away from a screen until mid afternoon so lets see Molopo run further today.

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