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In reply to: grommit on Friday 22/02/08 11:58am

Great to see this going against the trend finally!


I reckon Gloucester is behind this run while Prof Garnauts ominous predictions have encouraged a few to put two and two together about what options are available to make these huge cuts in our greenhouse gases. The only fast track option I can see is to meet all future base load demand increases for electricity with gas (already happening with something like six gas plants in planning around NSW ) and face facts we will need to cut back on conventional coal fired power as fast as we can replace old plant with gas turbines.


To this end I know Munmorah is switching to gas and I read the other day that Liddel is going to start adding csg gas (sourced by degassing coal mines around Singleton) straight into the coal furnaces to reduce co2 emissions. If they can do that at Liddel how long before all coal fired plants start doing it to get their emissions down. With a trading scheme phasing in after 2010 this would be one way for utilities to make cuts while squeezing some more profit out of their existing plant.


Whatever the case its nice to see a decent gain on the screen for a change!






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In reply to: FenderBender on Friday 22/02/08 12:40pm

Hey Fender!!

If you ignore that 600k seller if it is a prop you are only left with around 400k for sale and 1.4 mil wanted at the moment.

If it gets pulled watch the action!!!!!!

Easily shows that lots of people are hanging onto their holdings at present.

This means that the SP should rise easily from here.....


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