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In reply to: macrae on Thursday 08/02/07 01:47pm

Yep going nicely. Spoke to them the other day and I can virtually guarantee you those director options will be exercised. That will mean any placement is still a way away. In fact the options are structured for them not to need to raise any more cash. I dont see how they will reach september without a little rasing but it seems there might be a chance (though i wasn't expressly told that). I much rather the directors buying shares even at a reduced price than some managed fund thats for sure.


I'd say they are now probably around the 23000 mark for customers and rising. The quarterly was good from a cashflow sense but watch the next quarterly to explode (there is a general lag of around two months till customers hit their average revenue usage on an ongoing basis). That should fire the market as should the customer growth (i think they may wait till they hit 25K to announce new numbers but thats just a guess)


I was re-affiremed on the phone the other day that around the 30K mark is break even and they expect to be there around october. If that is the case I suspect the share price may have further to run.


We shall see.

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In reply to: roddombo on Thursday 08/02/07 01:09pm

Thanks for info Roddombo. My instinct is telling me there is more here other than subscription numbers and that we'll here more very soon on this. Synergies with other businesses must be numerous. 30c sell now and 8c options gone. Dare me to nibble at 30c? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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