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Overlooked by buyers because it is a new stock to the market. VOIP is a boom industry with plenty of room for players. MyNetFone has been around for a while and has won awards from PCUser mynetfone awards best communication product was trading at 24 cents just after it was listed. They are an established business with a known product. Huge growth potential and a good name and a good product in a boom industry usually means success. Currently great value at market.
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Maybe worth a look in the medium term:


Very tight VOIP outfit perhaps ready to add value to shareholders:




10 Million Minutes VOIP Traffic and New Service Plans:




25% Growth in subscriber numbers:




Launches Converged Business Solutions:




Broker Update:



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In reply to: macrae on Sunday 17/09/06 12:36pm


Macrae, have a look at ASX release------

07/09/2006 Broker Update September 2006 (Page 5)


45 million fully priced scrip

23.4 mill options.

cash - $ 2 mill.


45 mill X 14 cents = $ 6.3 mill.

They do state (at the time of that ASX release) that their enterprise value is $2.5 mill

because of their cash holdings. but i wouldn't take any notice of that , because they

can burn thru their cash quite easily & very quickly.


you might have used tradingroom.com.au to get your mkt cap .

But that website is only showing 15 million shares. I think tradingroom.com.au only

use"s the shares available on market. The other 30 mill shares are probably held by management or might be in escrow. Never use tradingroom to assess share issues , best to go to the asx & download the latest annual / half report to see the exact number.


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Hi Datum


I stated "undiluted" market cap - shares on escrow for some time. I am fully aware of the diluted market cap in tranches - expanding over time.


I have a few trading platforms and understand the confusion - I don't use trading room.


Just an alert and take it as you wish. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


Riding on the coat tails of ENG is not an impossibility once you decide they do have the necessary management and business plan.


It ain't no BRO and may be bit player in 06/07 which may easily be taken out.


Subscription numbers and margins most VOIP investors are aware of.


Good luck.

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MyNetFone acquires VoIP business of Broad IP:


Sydney - Friday - September 22: (RWE Aust Business News) -

MyNetFone (ASX:MNF) has acquired the VoIP business, operations and

customer base of Broad IP P/L.

MyNetFone has over 16,000 customers now, representing 60 per cent

growth since IPO in May.


Goodbye BRO. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif



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nice nice ..... got any macs?


I am escrowed until next year and am thinking I may have found a nice little one here. Growth story which is slowly putting the runs on the board. Unlike many other new listings, MNF's prospectus forecasts (and presentation) have been hit.


Very encouraging.

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