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Hi Anyone got any shares in A-Cap?


They have a drilled (non JORC) uranium resource in Botswana. Which is now a priority target. A gold project J/V with Iamgold at Jims Luck right next to Iamgold's Mupane gold mine.


Heaps of really good prospects throughout the Botswana mineral belt.


I would be interested in your comments!



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In reply to: Alburnia on Wednesday 15/11/06 11:33am

some people have not been able to interpret drill results correctly yet(most likely sub shareholder selling, prolly has reached their targets). looks highly promising, so many potential zones of u its not funny. 13 anomalies. a promising year ahead and good aggressive mngmt.


Mkt cap of $85M leaves plenty of bagger potential if they manage to prove up even 1/2 of the pre-JORC estimate

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