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Short selling


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They missed this short squeeze today - Galaxy squeezes shorts with lithium asset sale

Canaccord Genuity analyst Reg Spencer said short sellers had targeted Galaxy for two main reasons; concerns the company may need to raise equity to fund development of Sal de Vida, and a broader negative bet on the macro environment for battery minerals.


"The response today is arguably some short covering for both reasons," he said, in reference to the sharp rise in Galaxy's share price.






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Glaucus Research co-founder Soren Aandahls latest short, penned under his newly formed Blue Orca Capital


Samsonite Looks Like a Tempting Target for Shorts

The firm lacks a Chinese network, but Blue Orca should expect a fight.

May 29, 2018, 3:07 PM GMT+10



The report is available to view on BOC's new website - https://www.blueorcacapital.com/

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Have been watching this battle take place over a number of months - certainly was one of the ugliest I've seen

Viceroy claims scalp in bitter feud with US biotech MiMedx


Activist short-seller Viceroy has claimed a scalp in its battle with the US smart-bandages maker MiMedx after the target confessed it would have to restate its earnings for the past four years, and hired an acting chief financial officer.


The once anonymous Viceroy has two Australian connections: Melbourne-based Gabriel Bernarde, a former junior analyst at Ferrier Hodgson, and Aidan Lau are two of its three members. They are affiliated with the UK-based Fraser Perring, an ex-social worker who told Bloomberg earlier this year that he founded the group after connecting with Mr Bernarde and Mr Lau in 2016.




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Interesting read from AFR's Johnny Shapiro - Steinhoff's secret empire had 'murky' Australian origins. Steinhoff is the company exposed by short activist Viceroy


Steinhoff executives' use of secretive off balance sheet entities to get deals done may have begun in Australia as early as 2001, two years before it controversially backed a management buyout of Freedom Furniture in August 2003.


New questions

The directors of two secretive Channel Island entities amassed sizeable positions in Freedom ahead of the takeover. Evidence has now emerged that they had strong personal and business ties to Steinhoff executives Markus Jooste and its chairman Christo Wiese



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