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Short selling


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The big movers from shortman this week are the NewsCorp NWSLV and a mornningstar investment fund MSTR.

The latter has shot to 26% short in a week.

Obviously someone has some inside info thats caught on.

The shorting of Newscorp shares has been happening since early January.

Down about 22% from its $22 high.

Rupert may have to sell one his houses if this keeps up.


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This was a week even us ancients haven’t seen before,†Mr Chanos said in an interview with the Financial Times. “I have been doing this for 40 years and I don’t remember a period like the past 10 days.â€




“One of the most surreal aspects is that it has become political and the corollary is they are blaming short-sellers, the guys who got killed,†Mr Chanos said.



What has really happened here is a bunch of short sellers and hedge funds have lost a lot of money and a bunch of retail investors as well as a bunch of hedge funds have made a lot of money,†he said



We’re seeing a level of misunderstanding about how markets work that is being brought on by a whole new generation of investors who have never seen a bear market and somehow think that they’re being held back from their rightful place at the table by these evil hedge funds,†he said.




:lol: , keep fighting!! gravity will have the final say for this saga i reckon!!

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What a laugh, Goldman Sachs reckons the whole market could crash!. Its ok for them to rig the market and screw everyone else, but if some bunch of Amateurs do it, its bad news.


"Unsustainable excess in one small part of the market has the potential to tip a row of dominoes and create broader turmoil.

Pockets of the market have recently appeared to demonstrate investor behavior consistent with bubble-like sentiment,†the team wrote. “But these excesses present low systemic risk to the broader market given their modest share of market cap.â€"


Others think that its a bit of storm in a teacup.

From Zero Hedge

This is a big deal to the shorting community, but to the other 99% of the financial world, nobody gives a shit.


As much as young people on the internet like to imagine this as an epic, David vs Goliath, Wall Street vs Main Street showdown for the history books; from a bird's eye view its actually just a brief dumpster fire where a couple hedge funds lost their shirts betting on one little small cap stock. It has happened before, and it will happen again.


In 6 months, nobody will remember or care, except that (maybe) it will become more difficult for retail investors to trade options.


And not because the greedy hedge fund oligarchs forced the SEC to crack down on retail investors.


But rather because, when this is all said and done, there is going to be a black hole where most of these retail investors' brokerage accounts used to be, and the SEC and brokerage community will be lambasted for failing to protect unsophisticated investors from a bubble.


I have been monitoring the WSB threads, and while the WSB veterans know that they're making a suicide charge for the memes, they have brought thousands of naive, new investors with them - who predominantly think that they're going to somehow come out on top, not realizing that they're cannon fodder for the more savvy WSB users to exit with gains.


Each of them has their own agenda, and tailor their response to suit.



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20 most shorted



Code Company .. Market Cap Short Positions % of Shorts

WEB Webjet ..... $1.7B 44,908,956 ........... 13.25%

TGR Tassal ........ $720.7M 25,888,043 ........ 12.25%

NST Northern Star ... $9.0B 85,592,743 ..... 11.55%

SDA Speedcast .... $189.3M 22,234,098 ....... 9.27%

MSB Mesoblast ........ $1.5B 51,581,547 ........ 8.78%

ING . Inghams ..... $1.3B 32,036,418 ......... 8.62%

WSA Western Areas ..$693.2M 22,565,848 ..... 8.20%

AVH Avita Medical .... $153.1M 5,320,581 ...... 7.95%

MTS Metcash ........ $3.6B 75,561,728 .......... 7.39%

MYR Myer .............. $258.7M 59,498,117 .... 7.24%

SSM Service Stream .. $698.6M 29,636,127 ...7.23%

FNP Freedom Foods ...... $834.0M 19,242,182 .... 6.94%

FLT .Flight Centre ........ $3.0B 13,699,746 .....6.88%

IVC InvoCare .......... $1.7B 9,882,895 ........6.86%

RSG Resolute ........... $761.6M 75,466,887 ...... 6.84%

A2M A2 Milk .............. $7.6B 50,726,825 ......... 6.83%

EML EML Payments ........ $1.5B 23,415,982 ...... 6.47%

EOS Electro Optic Systems ... $791.2M 8,926,500 ..... 5.97%

NEA Nearmap ............. $1.2B 28,380,259 ............ 5.76%

ALK Alkane .................. $485.2M 32,724,577 ....... 5.50%

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Gammastop has an article Here

Going through the timeline of the recent short squeeze on GME.

Some of it is speculating, but seemingly well researched speculating, and it does not take sides.

It is too long with too many relevant images that sharescene will not me to paste, so if anyone is interested in a well researched timeline, this is a good starting point.

Its important to remember however, that Gammastop themselves are part of the big elite players to seek to extract some money from customers, so keep that in mind.

One of the truisms is that this sort of gamma squeese is not the first occurrence, and you can guarantee it won't be the last.


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Gary Gensler, now appearing before the senate confirmation inquisition,

has reiterated his plans to examine the business models that allowed the recent gamestop short squeeze.

From Zero hedge

Incoming SEC Chair Gary Gensler has said at the U.S. Senate confirmation hearing for the nominees to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that he's going to be examining the payment for order flow business model closely.


He committed to looking at the business model that has been at the center of the GameStop controversy for the past several weeks, according to Bloomberg on Tuesday. Critics of the system (including Zero Hedge) have pointed to how frontrunning could be prevalent as a result of the model. This ostensibly could result in clients of zero commission brokerages not getting the best possible execution on trades.


Gensler also said he's going to scrutinize trading apps that encourage "gamification" of trading, according to Yahoo. He is specifically looking at “how to protect investors using trading applications with behavioral prompts designed to incentivize traders to trade more.â€


Unfortunately, given his impotence when head of the CFTC, I am am not at all confident he will be able to do anything about it, other than finger Reddit, Robinhood etc, while the big players, nbamely the banks and big hedge who do the paying for front running will once again get off scot free.


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Local fundies dodge Greensill insolvency


The best measure of this change in market sentiment is the performance this month of Tesla and Afterpay.


Tesla is the high-growth proxy in the United States, while Afterpay fills a similar role in Australia.


But this month Tesla has plunged in value by a quarter and lost $US220 billion ($280 billion) in market capitalisation. Afterpay has also fallen in value by about a quarter and lost $10 billion in market value.




that will get shorts attention i guess, keep eye on APT today, shorts might pile on it with this news!! :unsure:



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