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How do you run Fibonacci analysis on a chart like this?



O boy am I glad I didn't buy when it was up at $3? Wait a minute. I did. In fact I paid $4.68 in March 2008. Luckily I've bought and sold a few since then, but I still need to get 76c for what I have left to break even. There's a fib line in the 80's but I really don't think the theory works on this chart.


And what about gaps. I don't begin to understand gaps. I can see a glaring "gap" on this chart, but is it asking to be filled? Will the SP retrace to the 20's again? Who knows? I'm sure I don't.

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PAN Very good ann out today charts linning the ducks up again great Candle Patten on the Daily plus Weekly textbook stuff imo
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Someone posted this on the web


"Panoramic Resources' 'Positive' Feasibility Study Confirms My Expectations - It's Really BAD"


Lets start to talk about some background. For some time PAN has been subject to shorting. Someone is playing this stock. What I write is not objective but subjective, so get that clear. RIO would not be interested in their PGM if there was no cause, yet this writer decides the PGM is worthless.


Some are saying there is going to be a big war in the middle east and nickel is a strategic metal.


Yes, on paper the recent study looks like rubbish, that is stating the obvious.


Scorpion has done many papers on what is happening and some of his writings are applicable here. Including in his writings is evidence of a system to up feed successful exploration to the big fish. If what Scorpion writes has any truth to it, all betting on small miners/exploration companies is wasting their time, because the brokerage industry is up feeding little fish to the big fish. Give or take a bit Scorpion is suggestion that for example the JORC code is not much better than toilet paper. That code is written for the ASX, which is little better now than a gambling casino. Yes, big money is made in share price fluctuations but that avoids the very function the securities industry came into being for.


As an investor in exploration companies we study the evidence produced by drilling results. What good is that, when illegal manipulation has the ability to steal the success of our research.


ASIC and ACCC only take to court cases that don't effect the manipulative industry. For example, the case of Andrew Forrest and more recently that lady lawyer. They burn the government supplied money in any way that makes it look like they are doing the right thing when in effect they aren't.


So where does that put PAN in relationship to the recent announcement. Does the management of PAN have a good record? Do they look like a group of fools? I can't answer that, because clearly I haven't got a clue.


Someone is seriously shorting PAN. That is fact. Price discovery, year, then we have the research of Scorpion which is suggesting of manipulation by the big end of town against the small miners. Are the suggestions of a middle east war with it's effects on nickel price at all accurate? MLX is not getting the same shorting, both are nickel miners, what is happening?


Scorpion is suggesting the JORC is a joke so how does a company make an announcement when they believe there is more in the ground than the ASX allows them to announce.


Have a look at what Blackthorn had to give Glencore when Blackthorn shares were manipulated down?


None of the politicians want anything to do with this issue because this big end of town supplies a lot of their election funding. 18c relies on opinion so any comments regarding a certain group are deemed by opinion, offensive. What an effing joke!


So the recent report, Fred Nurk can see it's a no goer unless there is more ore there than what is publishable. Anyone who supports the JORC in its present form needs to understand what Scorpion writes of, unless of course they are SUPPORTERS OF SECTION 18C OF THE CRIMES ACT which can send someone to gaol based on an opinion of offence.


All we stand to lose is our country if this continues! It has happened to other nations. Maybe we were only intended to have it for a short time period.


Was it someone from Glencore who said we prefer to take over companies for expansion. That company in on the list of companies that pay sweet Fanny Adams in tax. Why support this system? Yes, short term traders are not effected, but anyone who wants to build their super on betting on successful explorers coops it where the sun don't shine.


So what is going on? Wish I knew! Be interesting to ask the company the obvious, problem there is the ASX controls what they can or can't say to us.







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No thanks for the quite effective implication of a negative picture of Panoramic Resources. You don't even assume the role of the analyst, but allude to what other sources suggest. Certainly, no one could argue that the "big end of town" doesn't take advantage of the junior world of exploration and production. That's a fact, somehow unique to PAN? Hardly. Malevolent shorting of PAN shares? Shorters are also players and their sometime market manipulation may not be palatable to longs, so what? That's a part of the markets.


On the positive side, PAN management has for years pursued many avenues of opportunity. So far, nothing of a monster variety, but any number of possibles, in the view of many to be in Company and shreholders interests. Management has my vote.

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I never made a negative comment about Panoramic resources, in fact quirt the opposite.


The email I received making derogatory comments came from a North American source which had found my email address and sent me information I had not requested.


As I said the concept of that gold resource development to anyone does not make sense unless the company has information that we don't.


As I said someone is ducking with the share price of PAN. Go read the shorting information, there is a web site that gives that information. Why would a North American organisation go to the company and get a list of shareholders and email a brown nosing file?


The moslem mob that is having a nice little war in the middle east, some say, nocked over the banks in Mosel, nocked off billions in gold and got a nice little war going. The same source suggests it was Saddam's Lieutenants running it. Don't you just love America. A nation can only do duck ups like that, if they have been infiltrated by another power. Effing crazy A!


So what has that to do with Pan, well some believe wars are easy to get into but hard to get out of and that stuff, nickel is used in armaments.


So is someone telling you to sell PAN so they can buy it. This is the source of said article Seeking Alpha <account@seekingalpha.com> My belief is pan is under someones watch.






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Mr Crawford, Apologies for having misinterpreted the Seeking Alpha comment as being your own. Perhaps we can agree in hope that PAN will indeed find real success in one or more of its wide ranging ventures. Good Luck. Abner
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I notice IS today, had some success, so someone will have to buy more guns, sad but true and all guns contain nickel. Some believe that war will get to be big.


I suspect PAN knows what it is doing.


Would like to know more about these people brown nosing PAN.


On the surface it makes sense, however their must be more to this story. I can't see PAN being involved in a seven year mine life with four years to pay for plant. Very easy to critique in the darkness! As time progresses we should learn more.


I worry when the big boys can short on market and cover off market. Any person who believes that is price discovery, is having themselves on.

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