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Eden US’s CEO and its executive director travelling to Florida

Pity it was not the twits in Adelaide.Florida and Trumps home address is only seeing infection rates 200 times the current ones of Germany and Italy.

So so sad the Australian Solomon could not join Trump in Florida and press the flesh. Then Arizona with 250 times EU infection rates.

Of course it will go away Trump said yesterday.


Having looked at this company many times over the years, that its still around ... amazes me.


12 zillion shares or have they consolidated them ?


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Hahah dribble ...

The accounts they just release for years end are just that, dribble.

Minus 9 million and a black hole ... no break even point in sight.

Then again must be nice, they have a share subscription underway .... so they can fund more of those management fees to the needy ?


Not sure with this frog even of they increases sales 10 fold , which has not occurred despite ... DRIVEL about it ... one has no idea when they even break even, if ever.

I prefer to have an idea as to if they have a product that has a profit margin. Selling a product that costs $1,000 per unit to make for $100- is amusing.

Value of product and company is impossible to asses.


A black hole .... relevant ? Or dribble ? Accounts out last few days and well ... its being going on for years, fantasy after fantasy .... blah blah blah




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On November 11th, 2016, Eden Energy Limited changed its name to Eden Innovations Limited (EDE).


from a parlous bouncing along the bottom for most of last year, EDE has lifted on lower losses.



On 13 January EDE announced that they have received approval to import EdenCrete into Australia.



They booked a $1,632,000 loss in the most recent quarter, although that was an improvement on the previous quarter's loss of $2,115,000. Gross revenue is up from $458,000 to $1,135,000 over the same period.

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