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In reply to: nifty49 on Wednesday 30/05/07 05:06pm

Hi the 10 percent discount was at the price in the 5 trading days before the cut off date to own . The stock can now power ahead with the to come verrifide ore resource about to be released

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In reply to: towie on Wednesday 30/05/07 08:54pm

Hi Towie


Late at night spelling and reading/assuming?


5 Trading Days immediately prior to date of issue of shares


This means any applicant will not know how many shares they will receive for their $'s


I would expect shares would be issued after 20 Jun.


Of course holders now get the benefit of the discount.


Hope this clears it up. Nifty

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In reply to: nifty49 on Thursday 31/05/07 07:28am

Hi all,


Just a newbie having a crack at shares and my first plonk was on CDU shares at $.370 last week. Did as much research as I could on this company for a very inexperienced first timer but in the end went for the GUT FEELING. Now more I read about the CEO, the stories of chinese companies coming in, links to this company and that and no real moves on the share front - starting to think what I have I done.


Give me some hope CDU punters !.




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In reply to: parraboy on Tuesday 19/06/07 07:26pm

Welcome to the real world of investing Parraboy!


CDU is an interesting choice for a new bee?


It is still very much a speculative stock in the midst of a further share issue at a discount, but you know all this because of your research!?


I am a holder because I believe long term the SP will be much higher, bit I am in at a much lower price.

IMO the SP will drop further, as new shares are to be issued at a 10 % discount!


Investing in the sharemarket is all relevant, it can be risky and the market is at all time highs.


Perhaps, BHP may have been a better first investment!


Your question should be how much am I prepare to lose.


This investment will be a learning experience, make sure you read everything!


Remember, my comment is worth how much you paid for it. Good Luck.


Nifty http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif

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In reply to: nifty49 on Tuesday 19/06/07 06:50pm

Hi Nifty,


Thanks for the comments - and YES I agree 100% with your assessment. It was like being given a tip at the local TAB - you throw a bit on it hoping the bloke who tipped you in knows what he is talking about. I am learning by the day and I wont hesitate to sell up if it keeps going downwards, but than again I bought a House in Darwin in 2000 as an investment when everyone told me if was the worst place to buy and I have since made a very nice killing on that investment.


Trying to get my head around the drilling statements and its real impact and significance etc but I will get there... Once again thanks for your feedback. It is not about being knocked down but how quickly I get up and go again.







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Welcome aboard Paraboy, like you a newby and finding the experience most interesting.

Like Nifty I am in for the long haul but think it will be a while before the shareprice starts moving up again. Need some concrete reports rather than 'rah rah - keep the faith' reports we hve been having.

Seems a good idea to hve a bit of a spread rather than concentrate on just one - my philosphy anyway http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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Guest KitingPaul

In reply to: sally1 on Wednesday 20/06/07 09:55am

My 2 bob is that CDU is in trouble - They have no money and this SPP is a last resort to raise enough cash to keep the drilling going.


Given that drilling is the cheap part (I am assuming this) of creating a working mine if Macrae can't organise enough money to finish the drilling then how will he be able to manage to raise the cash to build a working mine. There are plenty of other mining companies that have credible directors running them - why will people keep putting money into CDU.


I do not intend to put the CDU directors down - just creating negative media, shunning the media and describing Copper on the ground as 'dog shit' are not ways to gain respect in this industry. Respect is what allows investors to feel safe giving away our money !!!


Some 'real facts', and an apology and end to 'pumping and dumping', combined with some serious plan is what is needed to instil some confidence.


I own CDU shares above $4.00 so I hope I am wrong - and because it is only a small parcel I will hold for a miracle and in my opinion that is what we need.


It is possible that it is really a world-class deposit and the directors are some how buying up shares cheaply - Thus deliberately acting silly to lower the SP. I have always been a cynic.


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Parraboy boy again,



The price jumped up a fair bit today on the back of the positive report from the company about the results of the mining in QLD. Being an absolute novice with limited knowledge of this field - I think it shows that the product is there but how it is removed and used is the issue from here....



Nice to see a little jump.... Maybe that CEO knows what he is talking about. It is just his delivery that lets him down.



Keep throwing them at me, I will keep getting up.







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