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Hi Possum


It doesn't seem clear at this point what weighting has been put on the native copper. The company could easily make a clarifying statement but to date has not.


There appear to be some inconsistencies with the methodology of reporting the mineralisation of holes so CDU aren't making it easier to understand what they do or don't have.


I guess they need to get stuck in there with the diamond rig in a sensible grid and be transparent about the reporting of hits to show how consistent the NC actually is.

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I am eagerly awaiting news on funding for CDU and for shareholders sake I hope they can make a non-dilutive capital raising to get a mine up and running.


Hi Wolverine,

But ann last April states that the MOU with Sinosteel ought to check that box, one would think. Afterall they have all the expertise in set-up and construction, not to mention the cash backing. Obviously it would be for a consideration, but at least it wouldn't have any dilution on existing numbers. (Just my thoughts)

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Hi again,

I'll respond just before I head off.

My understanding is that they will strip mine the most valuable ground for the first "wave" of revenue, to cover setting up costs for the underground stuff. Sino is into logistics and production set up - you're right, engineering. However, they did say they would back 100% for "entire" Rocklands project.

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wolverine . rc rab, diamond , bulk sample drill. range from small to large diamitor ; all bringback a diferent value , in cdu case higher the bigger the diametor . i would suspect that on mining the bulk sample drill will be shown to be inadequate ,as i belliee the vallue wil be much higher still
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