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The horizontal is showing promising signs. Below is the flare whilst drilling through gas and oil charged zones at the start of the horizontal.

Massive upside if this flows nicely.



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i bought a tiny piece of the action yesterday



lack of liquidity is scary



Im thinking they will get an IP of 1000bopd like the other 2 wells, should get a pop on that ann.



whether it can maintain those rates this time is obviously the main story but initial rates should be good.

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Lack of liquidity is a plus when things are rosy and a negative when things turn to shyte. That's why I say this could potentially fall to 1c to 3c if this well is not commercial. If this well flows commercially and the IP30 (1st month of production) rate is around 500 BOPD, then we are off and running because then the market will start to factor in the entire acreage. Get two or three wells flowing at that rate and $1.50 is not out of the question. It's a BIG if though at this stage.
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