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Thanks for that nip. For a lark I've lurked on tiktok a couple of times. Some of the stuff there is quite clever but it really is tabloid standard. Reddit, similar, not a lot of thought or preparation goes into much of the stuff I've seen.


I was convinced to sign up for linkedin recently, so as to read the comments on something that had been posted. Plenty of "yes I agree 100% because it is a really good idea". In other words no value adding from the comments section (though that is true for most comments sections, including for mainstream media sites). I'm not signed up for twitter but I regularly see solid analysis / commentary about economics and current affairs there though I'm not sure if there is much stock or investment banter (?).


I still like the stock forums like hc and ss / sc for the genuine intel that is made available from time to time. For ss / sc to blossom it needs a few flashy leaders to complement the solid analysts. It used to be that Kahuna would get dozens of likes for pretty much every post and the likes of King Baz was very showy and would evoke lots of responses and chatter.


HC has developed into a monster: I think they claim 600,000 unique visitors a month, and from time to time there can be extremely solid investment analysis available there, and the fact that they carry near-real time pricing info is handy. Still lots of empty comments there of course but nothing like the wild west it used to be.


I reckon if the stock market double dips then a lot of these "investors" who are using the 10k they pulled from their super will be taught a savage lesson. The ones that survive the hit will realise that stock investing is a tough gig, and sometimes they can benefit from forums like hc and ss/sc.

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