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Yeah dunno the reason Mick. I reckon for a long time arty was the heart of this forum. In real life he must have been such a lovely bloke. Not only was he very prolific with his in-depth and knowledgeable posting, he also set the relatively gentle tone of the place. He was even flower's closest mate here and flower used to walk around picking fights with everyone.



The other factor I think is general fatigue. Nothing much has changed in the last decade. I would have thought the drought and the bushfires and the virus and the shut-down would have caused an upheaval but that doesn't seem to have happened. I remember back leading up to the GFC, the first sign of trouble was when HSBC closed some US funds in late 2006 maybe early 2007. Nothing happened for maybe six months but then the cracks started appearing, all hell broke loose and by March 2009 it was all over and the recovery had begun. This time around we have had nose-bleed debt levels for years, we've had Trumpy running amok for almost 4 years (whether in a good or bad way is irrelevant, but there is no doubt he has been attempting to upset the applecart), we've had China become increasingly assertive and still the status quo continues on. I know that you are attempting to change things up with your gold plays but I reckon most people have worked out a long while back how they want to sit things out until the change finally comes.


Kudos to you and nip and eb and a few others who are putting in the effort. If I thought I had anything of interest to add I would. But the fact is I don't.


PS Also, hc is great when you get a real expert or two regularly contributing about a stock. I was lucky there was one of them on Orocobre for several years although he has gone quiet of late. But for the most part there's an inverse relationship between the number of hc posts about a stock and how fundamentally solid the company behind the stock is. Almost all of the chatter is hot air.


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I must admit I have lost a lot of confidence in the share market.

I think the big banks and other big players with their computer algorithms have killed the market for the small investor.


I have dipped my toes into trading Bitcoin. So far I am making a profit. Not big, but a profit. As I gain confidence I may play for bigger stakes.


Not an important issue, but good for me - it is a 24/7 market.


Anybody else trading Bitcoin? Am a complete novice and would like some learned advice!!!!




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Mick holding this site.


i still filthy myself that i let my guard down ----blindly trust the broker that with me over 15 years.


i don't have much to offer for the trading ideas these days. only to upset you guys with my lefty views.

so i thought i better shut my mouth{ keyboard] just read you guys.


i'm gonna working little hard to claw out the shit holes that i'm in atm. instead of pity myself and wingy.

will try to post little more often with my "big trading idea". :weirdsmiley:



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fatigue... now there's a thought. The concept of chatrooms and forums is probably more than 20 years old, and things are moving on.


I'd reckon contributors are getting on a bit, too. We probably fit a certain demographic, and gender. But that's self-selecting, and includes the stayers, those that have found a way to negotiate the market minefields, through highs and lows. Have a bit of time on one's hands is helpful.


I've found the forum useful for storing information. Handy reference points. But then I'm in it for the long term, never felt at ease just trading and prefer the macro overview. Compounding a winner is the way to go. (sell the losers)


I like the collegiate nature of forums. Definitely don't want to go to Twitter or Wordpress or some one-way look at moi site. HC sounds daunting yet infantile and a bit overwhelming. I put stuff up on aussie Stock Forums as well.

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I look at the stocks I hold, have held or might hold and find there has been no discussion of them here, or very little, in a long time. Whereas some discussion can usually be found with holders at HC, plus the opportunity to have a rant. It doesn't help that the older posts button doesn't work for me, nor the say thanks button.


But I read some of the general posts.




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Remarkable. Where did all the people go? If traffic flow on SS is a barometer of the market then we are now at a standstill and something dramatic is about to happen. Doesn't matter if it is up or a down thing but when it happens the chitter chatter should start up again. My guess is, because we just had a down thing with Covid, then it will be an up thing bringing all the positivity of a new dawn with it.

What do you suppose it could be?


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There's a big article in the AFR today on corona punters... Mainly young folk, mainly blokes, surging into the market.


I mean it's a perfect cocktail.

... Stuck at home

... Access to money (some using the $10k from super)

... Technology. Everyone can do it.

... Rapid falls then rapid rises. 10% days a frequent occurrence, and that can be in the big caps. Minnows and speccies, even more.


Some sites, especially through Facebook, have been gaining thousands of contributors. Poster children. Everyone is an expert.


Meantime, old school sites have descended to a bunch of fuddy duddies and Barrow pushers. (Twas the wild West on these forums a decade or so ago!!)


Is this the way it always is? Probably impossible to rejuvenate SC/ old SS.

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