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You will never be so busy now that you have retired nipper.


I have been for 7 years and never any time to sit around between fishing ,travelling,grandkids,great life.


Mama bear and myself fly out to Iceland ,paris,scotland ,the Orkneys and a bit of rellie visiting tonight for 6 weeks ,hard to do that working fulltime,cheers mrbear :biggrin:




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Yeah nip, drop us a line every now and then. I suspect many of the ss crowd are retirees so you too can treat us like a bit of a hobby.


Mate, ever since artie quietened down I've seen you as the resident mainstay of this place imo. Bigly grateful to you. :)

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You'll be missed, nipper

I enjoyed reading your informative posts.

Well past retirement age myself, I know how you feel. And if I could do what you apparently are still up to and planning, I'd be so far out back that even a satellite phone would have trouble to pick me up. Alas, the blue asbestos took my breath away early, which explains my posting frequency slowing down.


All the best and heaps of fun in, hopefully, best of health and enjoyable company.


Ciao 4 niao 2 u 2


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  • 2 years later...

According to Sharescene's front page, there are over 77,000 registered members.

Apart from the 76,990 who only look at CUV, I wonder what the rest are doing.

There are fewer and fewer regular posters these days.

Apart from the demise of the artful Arty, there have been many who have dropped off the radar.

Somebody upset Blacksheep, a prolific and knowledgeable poster, Wren was another who got angry and left.

Wolverine, Veeone, Disco Stu, Barra, mistagear, mags, Wasabibarako, Hungry, balance , mr bear, mpl, alonso and many more who were regular and if nothing else entertaining posters have all gone missing in action.

One might have expected that these guys would have been replaced by other new knowledgeable and entertaining posters.

Sadly, it does not seem to be case.

There are days when apart from CUV, only 4 people have posted on the day.

So far today, this post will only be the second for the day.

Wonder if perhaps I should HC.


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Hey Mick, how could you forget fforrestgump ?


Things are pretty quiet here, and I regularly check hc for a couple of companies, but honestly, the quality of most posts on hc is pretty close to zero. I suspect many investors have settled on fairly safe "blue-chips" for the most part, and there hasn't been any "boom" of note lately. Bitcoin is mildly interesting, trying to improve on bank interest rate is always a challenge, and of course covid has provided some excitement.


Your posts are valued and would be missed.





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