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I've been excited about a hot tip I was given over the weekend, I did some heavy research and bought 20000 at 22c today, please give yourself a opportunity to look at the last 6 months of announcements,too much info to list.


try their website



word is 50c by christmas, they have gone for 50 contracts world wide, should get some of these if you go by past announcements which are being released weekly.


the recent selling was insto that got 3million at 8c through placement, insto made triple money so sold out, after they sold out it bounced back.

look at depth selling lge volume has gone.

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Hi Durmo

oo you know what announcements are coming? I would like any little info you have



heres a little research paper that I put together, thought you might like it

Banque-tec (BQT)


The IT security industry has been given more focus due to global unrest needing better security for companies and governments in most countries.

BQT is with its, products and product partnerships to other global companies targeting this area with considerable success in a short time.


BQT has products installed in worldwide locations giving them a good support base for new tenders as they arise.

Some existing customers

ï‚· Armed forces in Aust, Korea and China

ï‚· BBC uk

ï‚· ECU-Aust

ï‚· IBM building Dubai

ï‚· Microsoft building Dubai

ï‚· Cambridge uni, Uni of Texas, UWA aust, King Faud uni Saudi Arabia

ï‚· ASAD stores UK

ï‚· Banking and Financial insto's

Refer to website for more customers, too many to list



Where I base my predictions is in partnerships that BQT have created in the last few months.


China's largest publicly listed IT company NEUSOFT, letter of agreement

News released 13th Nov

I have been told that with this partnership they are in the front running for contracts now and leading up to the olympics 2008. BQT has 2 senior executives in china, currently presenting to specific high security projects and as they are in bed with a large chinese company they have a better chance of getting these contracts.

Neusoft sees major opportunities with this partnership in airports, social security, banking and financial insto's.


Lenel and BQT integrate Milfare DESFire Technology

Lenel Systems international a new york based global leader in innovation of intergrated security systems with BQT a world leader in biometric and smart card technology have partnered to introduce to market the new Milfare DESFire technology, Lenel is the first in the world to have developed a comprehensive security management solution that integrates MifareDesfire technology. this new and advanced technology provides the highest security available in contactless smart cards. The technology was recently designated for use in the united states military common access card program and has quickly gathered interest among numerous US government agencies.


BQT joins forces with LG-Electronics

LG-IRIS a subsidary of leading global electronics company LG-Electrics have partnered together their respective biometric technologies to meet the highest level of security required by markets such as government and defence. The LG IRIS unit captures an Iris image with a video capture, which is then run through an algorithm which recognises the pattern in the Iris and transforms the image into digital information. This Iris when added to BQT's fingerprint biometric, HSM(high security module) and the SIPROT(secure intelligent protocol transporter) gives world class leading security.

The partnership has seen a major interest from Australia, USA, UK, UAE, Saudia Arabia and India because of the "user friendly" nature of their products.


Partnership with ScreenCheck of Holland

ScreenCheck is one of the global providers of card personalization and is specialized in developing complete turnkey card applications.


Partnership with Hirsch Electronics

Hirsch is a highly respected US-based company specialising in high-end security access systems who are based in Santa Ana California.

Hirsch has confirmed that BQT's world class technology & products meet high standards of the US security industry which is currently spending many Billions on security upgrades.



BQT's operating expenses were significantly higher than the previous year as a result of the following one-off activities

Completion of the takeover of the London domiciled BTS group.

Re-listing of the company on the ASX, june 30th 2003

Re-structuring of the newly acquired BST groups operations during the second half of the financial year.


General information

BQT has seen a major upsurge in client interest in their unquie range of products. Obviously this is due to increased terrorism threats globally and in all areas where they have offices, they see a large market potential.


During this year their R&D team have developed the HSM and SIPROT products. Both these products are high security encryption devises and established the company as a leader in the encryption of data.


I have been told that with these products, partnerships and more alliances happening, BQT are now tendering for 50 contracts worldwide, with the possibility of them getting a minimum of at least 20%, they will be able to create a good stream of revenue.


BQT seem to be announcement driven and the share price has been reflected by this. BQT have consistantly releasing news on a weekly basis.

Due to recent placements I have revised my short term forecast to 50c and leading up to 2008 who knows, but the possibilities are there for the 5 banger.


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looks like a good company with an innovative product !


is this the only company with this product ?

or are the plenty more out in the market ?


Well if it is successful in the industry then it looks like 50 cents

would be achievelable sooner or later


and judging by the graph if it was to keep an "UP" trend

now would be a good time to buy too!



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Hi Toilet

good question you ask regarding their competitors, I'll do some investigating, I already bought yesterday at 22c so heres hoping


I also hold


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I always find it quite amazing how

ppl can find out so much more than i can!


i guess i just duno where to look for things


ur holdings all seem to be interesting ones

or have been at least.


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