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In reply to: iridium on Monday 26/05/08 07:53pm

Share price stalling at the moment on low volume. Stuck between 6.0 and 6.5. No direction day with the US markets closed. Share price normally tend to drift a bit lower. We will wait patiently for more action tomorrow.


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In reply to: opptimistic on Wednesday 28/05/08 08:27pm

It's swinging oppti...not lost yet, I did sell out yesterday to buy more LMP in the morning though....


Still watching, curious to know why the movement....


Good luck http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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Hi I did not take up my entitlement in the issue just finished. Most of the monies raised would go towards paying Brett Youngs 300 plus thousand dollars a year wages and then his super etc on top of this Very dissapointed with this company Cheers Towie
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people STILL buying this one...the only reason is?.id like to say it can't go any lower...but we know thats not true. I was a holder a LONG time ago...and can't understand how they turned to custard so quick...is nickel just not reqired in the mechanics of anything anymore...have these guys just LOST there Nickel..."cap'in...i swear...it was right there....then it just disappeared!" always in the top ten for turnover
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