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In reply to: Park-Hall on Friday 26/10/07 09:05am

Hi Extrata launched a takeover bid for Jubilee mines today causing a $6-50 share price rise in Jubilee with a recommendation to accept from the directors Whos in whos pockets Towie I do agree with your posting and our mines should be controlled by Aussie miners Towie

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AUZ'ers...can someone please explain the relationship AUZ has with PIO...does AUZ have a % shareholding in PIO? I know they have a 49% interest in some drill but curious to know more. An increase in resource and holding around 5c....we need some good results to get this back above 10c!! Any other suffering holders out there? Strat...you were very wise!
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In reply to: Moonraler on Monday 21/01/08 08:06am

Moonraler....waiting for that normalcy to return...however, normalcy is hardly a word I would associate with the market. This is a word I use to describe the way stocks always have a habbit of going UP just after I have sold! LOL...Can AUZ give us some good news PLEASE!!!!...do you think they are listening?

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