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QUOTE (Gadget @ Friday 07/07/06 03:08pm)

auz is not allowed to trade below 0.0255 now.

otherwise im gonna have ta, http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif


now all we need is for AUZ and EXT to boom on monday.


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Anyone else who was a bit worried this arvo? Lots of volume but the share price was flat towards the end of the day. Normally a sign of insiders offloading their shares which normally happens after an announcement. However, it did finish up for the day so i'm happier than what I was.


Would have to be an announcement on Monday you would think. Nickel, gold or production figures?




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In reply to: dan.heath on Saturday 08/07/06 05:17pm

yeah i got the ticker wrong too! if i'd chosen the M instead of the Z i'd be around $11.5Million better off now....oh well, must not complain, the coming week should be okay for AUZ me thinks

cheers PC

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nah, people are still buying up AUZ bigtime, argh!!! if only i had a spare million

200k into AUZ and 800k into EXT


goodness.. im kicking myself.. i bloody had aum on my watch list, was suppose to buy but decided to stock up on GDR's and AUZ's argh!!! oh well shit happens lol.


but yes... im glad i made it in for EXT. sheesh got in just before the run up @ 0.088

somethings up. what do you guys reckon, think it'll be another AUM? lets hope so.


monday will be interesting. lets hope AUZ and EXT booms!!! eyes are also on GDR and SDL... waiting for a re-entry.




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There is a good chance the interest and volume late last week was just that...folks who confused Australian Mines with Austral;ian Mines Investments. If so lets just hope they are silly enough to buy all my shares in AUZ next week for $10 a pop! Bring it on!
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