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Still good volumes going through, 1 million @ .026 just gone through.I wonder if this is a reaction to last 1/4's estimate of a better June 1/4 or is it the realization that the lower they go at Blair the better the Ni content seems to be and with assay results pending maybe expecting better things ahead or both?
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lol dan my man,

sounds like you've got front row tickets =)

AUZ is looking sex-C

looks like i might just have to stock up before 4pm

smelling an announcement..


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In reply to: Gadget on Thursday 06/07/06 02:48pm

A positive announcement on the gold front is what i'm hoping for...


But with the fact they said further drill results would be available prior to June 30 this would be the go I suggest.




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In reply to: Mookie on Thursday 06/07/06 03:07pm

im looking for them to be a real viable Nickel play. high %'s is the go.......it'll brings costs way down! and of coarse extended mine life

cheers PC

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