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IN REPLY TO A POST BY Ooops, Sun 21/03/04 09:40am

Thanks for your info Oops, I think AUZ is currently held down because of the 20 cents options being expired before 31 March 2004?


Fundamentals this company is very sound, with revenue being generated in the short term.


Lets see what April brings.



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IN REPLY TO A POST BY Ooops, Fri 26/03/04 09:46pm

I had stopped out at 23.5 and 23 cents already. Extremely disappointed with this penny dreadful.


May be the Blair mine is really small and not much potential is left, even though they are making the $$$ in April.


Who cares??


What a dog!

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hi guys..


i'm more than convinced that (auz) can move up..


watched like a hawk last week, seeing some movement on monday and tuesday part wednesday. then slowed down with the price of nickel thursday and friday.


so having said that and expecting nickel up next week.


extremely good chance (auz) will now follow.


recent buying from the new managing director 200,000 shares on market. shows he's putting his hand into his wallet.


thats a good sign from a person who's only been in the job for a short time..


(auz) has had huge problems recently, so show some caution


see below weekly chart..regards



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hi guys..


up today last price 16.5cents


up 1cent..


another buy from the managing director.


100,000 shares @16.5cents


thats a total of 300,000 shares in the past 2 weeks.


this is a new managing director, so him buying is showing some support.


we don't mind it moving up at slow pace, just as long as it keeps going up..



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Positive annoucement today. AUZ realeasing positive gold exploration results. Looks like the Blair mine has a fair bit life left in her. I hold some AUZ, and believe it to be one of the favourable junior nickel miners out there. Creating income through Blair and extending exploration testing is a very good strategy to keep the cashflow coming through to fund future prospects.
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