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I think an announcement is expected SOON re: Their imminent commencement of drilling in their iron Ore Leases near Parapurdoo, where Iron has already been discovered......

This is the last of the......"Red Mohicans" (Iron Ore low cap. Co.).......That has not moved YET.....

.....With only a "handful" of shares on issue expect a huge upward movement.......


PS. Please do your own reserch prior to any purchasing-selling decision......

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QUOTE (Stock_Doctor @ Saturday 19/03/05 11:04am)

Doc, without exaggeration, this stock can easily reach the $1 mark before June.....

Proven Iron Ore resources in Australia's best known Iron producing area, (with a very limited number of shares on issue) combined with an excellent, and very experienced team.....

I think, drilling will commence mid April......Expect an immediate (S/P) upward movement as soon as the drilling commences.


Cheers...Have a great weekend. Michael:)

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In reply to: Alastor on Saturday 19/03/05 10:14pm

has anybody worked out how difficult it will be for them to transport the iron ore and that cost and their ability to get port space?

share price seems to be languishing not holding due to lack of info on the company,

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In reply to: hayboys on Friday 01/04/05 03:51pm

I bought into this a month ago at 9 cents now at 12 cents still seems undervalued would like to know whats happening Drew the MD seems a little quiet about blowing his trumpet at Drummond or about the iron ore in the Pilbra. I note the cap of this company is about 1/5 that of IOH which has a similar sized iron ore resource near tom Price but without the advantage AQD has with being closer toport ans more advanced stage of drilling. Also AQD has a bunch of other prospects.

had over 3 million in cash as well after the cap raising

interestingly someone could go and just buy this company outright

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In reply to: hayboys on Thursday 13/10/05 06:55am

Do I need to mention the relevance to AQD of the following news article


NCC backs Fortescue on BHP rail

By Jamie Freed

November 5, 2005



In an encouraging sign for Fortescue Metals, the National Competition Council put out a draft recommendation that would allow the iron ore upstart access to BHP Billiton's private railway network in Western Australia's Pilbara region.


If adopted, the decision would be a blow to BHP's and Rio Tinto's duopoly in the region because the high cost of building a railway has limited the ability of smaller companies to develop economically viable projects.


But paid access would be limited to the development of Fortescue's relatively small Mindy Mindy deposit, a joint venture with Consolidated Minerals which is separate from its heavily promoted $2.3 billion Chichester Range project.


Fortescue expects to begin shipping 45 million tonnes of iron ore a year from its Chichester project by the end of 2007 if it can find partners to help fund the construction of its own port and railway network.


Fortescue had planned a spur for its Chichester railway to haul the Mindy Mindy ore but later changed the track's path, so a spur from Mindy Mindy now would have to be routed around a swamp, adding to the cost.


The company has yet to set a development date for its 10 million tonne-a-year Mindy Mindy project, but Fortescue said with access to BHP's railway certain it would take only 1to 18 months to enter production.


A BHP submission to the NCC said Fortescue had indicated in documents it submitted to the WA Government in an environmental review that it did not plan to develop Mindy Mindy until 2015, a start date that Fortescue now disputes.


To use BHP's railway, Fortescue will still have to jump several hurdles. Within the next 30 days, BHP will submit extensive documentation opposing the draft recommendation before a final report is released after Christmas.


Once a final recommendation is made, the Federal Treasurer's office has 60 days to decide whether the NCC decision will stand. If the Treasurer's office sides with Fortescue, BHP can still appeal to the Australian Competition Tribunal before allowing third-party access.


BHP and Fortescue are fighting a separate battle in Federal Court about whether the railway is exempt from third-party access because it is part of an integrated production process.




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In reply to: Jay on Thursday 10/11/05 05:12pm

holding on FMG shirt sleaves IMHO. could be very cheap rail transport for AQD if BHP is unable to prevent FMG using its rail line

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In reply to: Jay on Tuesday 15/11/05 02:11pm

would be nice to get 14 cents as the bottom level of resistance.

Closer to port and more advanced with similar reserves compared to IOH but unrecognised.

Probably be a while before we have news though

AQD lower Cap. Also has other prospects Ni and Au compared to IOH

good luck

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