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I'll be watching for a break at 40 cents for this one in the new year, then this will fly away like a rocket hopefully.


Got too many projects being accelerated with the big joint venture companies.


Surprisingly there is no update research report on this one, as the latest one back in October seems to be a bit bearish with its 12 month outlook.


A revised report is much needed.

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In reply to: crowman28 on Tuesday 03/01/06 11:27am

RIO are currently working on the agreement and have been doing so since before christmas. AQD are hopeful that it will be finalised this month which means an announcement could come at any time. The director who bought shares and options worth A$110K before christmas obviously thinks good news is coming.


It is too risky to be out of this one at the moment because it should move up strongly in the lead up to the announcement.

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In reply to: paulhart on Tuesday 03/01/06 04:39pm

Yep agree, hopefully this is continue to climb until we hear news from Rio. Directors buying shares at 34.5 cents is a show of confidence.


Today's close at 46 cents is massive! Hopefully it can break 50 tomorrow. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif

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In reply to: crowman28 on Tuesday 03/01/06 04:24pm

Hey Crowman,

We meet up again! I remember it wasjust you and I the only ones on the AAQ thread back in their early days- do u still hold?


Got into this one last week. Thought it was looking good and then when the director bought some I just couldn't resist anymore- figured if it was good enough for him it was good enough for me. lol


Got only oppies at an ave of about 18c. Wish I had noticed this one earlier prior to the first good run.


Had a smile all day today and looking fwd to a couple of good months with this one. See some talking about $2 but I will be happy with 80c just to get the ball rolling. hehe!!


Cheers- Destrier... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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In reply to: destrier on Wednesday 04/01/06 03:09am

Not AAQ anymore, but AQD for sure, looking at other iron ore plays like MMX, CAZ, GBG, IOH etc valued at a market cap of around $100m or more, AQD surely is undervalued, especially when it has partnered with Rio.


$1.00 still very reasonable IMO if you compare market cap.


Happy to hold on after a breakout at 40 cents yesterday.

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